Summary: New 2015 Encore Boat Builders Bentley Cruise 240 for sale in Macon Georgia - United States .
Several selections of floor plans and options are available be it for cruising or for fishing.
These floor plans are available in 14-foot 16-foot 20-foot 22-foot 24-foot and 25-foot pontoons and are offered in many different color variations.

The standard features of the Bentley pontoon are as follows: A 9' bimini top which is protected by a BENTLEY embroidered vinyl boot when not in use.
Encore Boat Builders has established a dealer network throughout the United States and Canada to expand the reach of the Encore Bentley Pontoons. Gauges that include a tachmeter speedometer voltage gauge and fuel gauge and 12 volt supply.

25" diameter pontoons provide extra stability in rough water and a super high boat capacity.

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