As its popularity has gone through the roof, the pontoon boatA has come to serve many, many purposes: sunning platform, wakeboard and water ski boat, cruiser, and yes, even as a fishing boat.
Gravquian View Public Profile View Gravquian's Gallery Find all posts by Gravquian « Fibreglass petrol (gasoline) fuel tanks. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Lakeland Fl USA Stodgy old dude that I am, I never understood why a pontoon boat needs to go fast. Value in the mind of the customer is how much it costs him to cruise to where he wants to go. I have always thought that there was a market for a better, more efficient pontoon boat, and if you can produce your hull for somewhere near the price of the aluminum tube ones, you should be able to sell it.
Location: Ontario Not sure about Florida, but there's definitely a market for a faster pontoon boat up in Ontario cottage country. Location: fl Thanks Matt Our boat will handle 1-3' pretty well,one of our good customers just took his boat from Sarasota to key west,he ran the coast to naples and refueled and shoot across fl bay,it was a 32X 10 tritoon with a 225 merc,he said he cruised at 32 mph,said he was out to the light house every day diving ,he's planning another trip to key west with a trip from key west to fort jefferson in tortougas! The first ever motor yacht from Mercedes Benz is undergoing sea trials after four years in development.
A new era beckons for Mylor Yacht Harbour in Cornwall following the announcement that Robert Graffy is stepping down as managing director.
The joint training session for Land Rover BAR and the UK Invictus Games teams comes as they both compete for glory in America next month. Affectionately known as the 'wee guys', the LEGO Coastguard Team is now spreading the coastal safety message across social media. Concerns are raised over the future of HMS Illustrious following claims that a deal to sell the warship to Gibraltar has collapsed.
The US Navy has launched and speed-tested the latest weapon in its arsenal against enemy submarines.
A NEW JERSEY inventor has introduced a novel type boat with which he expects to attain highest speed with smallest output of power.

As the boat gathers speed the water catches in small depressions in the drums and causes them to rotate. Insane to think this would work, maybe in your bathtub, the best thing you could now is to fill it in with plywood and use it as amphibian pontoon . Five double cone-shaped welded steel drums which may be seen in the photo above support the craft on the water.
By this rotation they decrease the resistance of the water to the boat as a whole, and thus attain high speed. It is pleasing to learn that you are building these boats with a design concept different from the woefully inefficient round aluminum tubes.
It is pushed along by a 65 horsepower airplane engine mounted on the steel framework above the after floats. They do tend to be smaller than those found on center consoles, bass boats, and some other dedicated fishing boats, however, plenty of models offer dual livewells and in many cases, additional livewells can be added as options.Raw water washdowns are one area where pontoons may fall short. And this is tough to add to some pontoons, since you need a hard-mounted raw water pick-up.Rod holders are another challenge, since pontoon boats dona€™t have traditionally-formed gunwales. As a result, youa€™ll be limited to surface or track-mounted rodholders, unless the builder offers add-on modules that include flush-mounted holders. Broad decks with plenty of pedestal seating options mean that foot-for-foot, more peoples can fish from a pontoon than from a V-hull boat. Just watch out for large seating modules that many builders use to line the fence and maximize passenger seating capacity.
On most models it wraps 360-degrees around the boat, forcing you to bring a fish up several feet to get it inside the boat. Make sure any models you're considering have an easily accessible bow which can be used when youa€™re trying to land a real lunker.PerformanceWhen it comes to performance, todaya€™s pontoon boats leave nothing on the table. Many, especially tri-toons, can be rigged with monster outboards and easily attain speeds in the 50-mph-plus range.
These models also bank and carve out turns like a V-hull, so theya€™re a pleasure to drive even at high speeds.

They tend to ride quite nicely in a chop of a foot or two, smoothing out the bumps and riding level whether the chop is on the nose or on the beam. For anglers who enjoy drift fishing, in particular, this can be a big factor.This advantage is lost, however, in open water with large waves. Since therea€™s no up-swept bow to meet the seas, large rolling waves can over-wash the deck.
When those waves are large enough that the underside of the deck slams as the boat goes from peak to peak, the ride becomes extremely uncomfortable. And pontoons do tend to throw more spray than many other types of boats (although you can often get them fitted with spray-reducing fins or rails). This many make it difficult to anchor or drift-fish over a small spot, and it can also make docking or pulling onto a trailer a real chore.
For these reasons, ita€™s important to think long and hard about the kind of conditions youa€™ll be fishing in, when considering a pontoon. This also explains why many anglers who focus their efforts in shallow coastal bays love pontoons, while those who venture outside the inlet do not.The bottom LineAs is true of many types of fishing boats, you can find a pontoon thata€™s attuned more or less towards fishing. And those that are built for all-around use will probably not satisfy the hard-core anglers in the crowd.
Copious seating with supple vinyl, pop-up changing rooms, and dinette tables are a few of the commonly-found pontoon boat accouterments which are more likely to get in the way of fishing than enhance it.
But if you choose a pontoon boat that puts the emphasis on fishing, and if the type of fishing you do meets the parameters of a pontoona€™s usability, particularly for freshwater anglers and somewhat less so for saltwater anglers who stay in protected waters, there is no question.
Yesa€”a few compromises may have to be made, but a pontoon can satisfy the most dedicated piscatorial pursuers among us.For more information on some of our favorite pontoon boat models, both fishing and general use, see 10 Top Pontoon Boats, Our Favorites.

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