These small pontoon boats travels effortlessly through the water with either a small gas outboard motor or a clamp-on electric motor. The Outboard Mini Toon can be purchased with or without a motor if you wish to install your own choice of power.
In addition to marine electrical advice, we offer lots of marine wiring info about everything from shorepower installation to standard boat wiring colors. On the original switch, the gray ran thru the choke and the tan ran thru the switch and the choke button. Sorry if I haven’t explained this well, but I am lost when it comes to marine wiring.
One of the magneto wires will actually be a ground wire connected to the engine block or negative bus. The starter will run through the neutral safety switch in the engine control and then to the starter solenoid in the engine. The battery wire will get it’s power from the positive battery cable connection post on the starter solenoid. The choke wire will be connected to an electric choke solenoid mounted near the carburetor. I was thinking that the problem could e a common ground wire since all three gauges went out at once, but I tried a different ground and couldn’t get anything to work. According to standard boat wiring colors, you are looking for a purple wire that runs from the ignition switch up to the gauges. Your boat motor has a shift interrupter circuit that basically connects your ignition coil to the shift cable.
The shift interrupter should be on the starboard side of the engine and will have a shift cable connected to it.

We would also like to hook the navigation lights to the starter battery, but isolate the cabin lights, radio, etc. Currently, when we hook the navigation lights to the starter battery, the cabin lights stop working. Anyway, Do you have any diagrams that might help and does your retail boat wiring site carry the items we need to get this rolling? If your motor is at least 50 hp, I would recommend the Automatic Smart Marine Battery Switch System that is offered on our sister marine electrical site, EzAcDc. You can either add a ground block and run individual ground cables from the ground block to each battery or simply chain the grounds together going from battery 1 to battery 2 to battery 3. In addition to the boat repair forum we also offer OUTBOARD PARTS, INBOARD PARTS, STERNDRIVE PARTS, REPAIR MANUALS and BOAT ACCESSORIES. Will it turn over if you use a small jumper wire from the battery side of the solenoid to the small ( yellow wire I think ) terminal on the solenoid ?
Summary: Used 2002 Other 2002 Neptune 20 Foot Pontoon Boat for sale in Blind Bay British Columbia - Canada . Search-Boats is a Boats & Yachts classifieds search engine to find different boat types for sale New and Used. A carpeted deck of nearly 50 square feet provides ample room for fishing, sun tanning or swimming. With tiller steering at your fingertips the boat is extremely maneuverable and can easily be turned around within its own length. These small pontoons can be pre-packaged from the manufacture with gas or electric options. I don’t know if either of those were for the gauges, but I see no fuse panel anywhere on the boat.

Since your problem is still occurring after the engine has started, I would look at connections on the engine. When operating properly, the shift interrupter will momentarily ground the coil during shifting.
Chase the wiring from the negative side of the ignition coil to the interrupter to find your problem. We would like to add a boat battery switch to keep the batteries from draining when not in use. If we hook the black wire from the nav lights only to the house battery the cabin lights are wired to, the cabin lights work again, so we think the nav lights and cabin items need to be linked to complete a circuit somehow. I would recommend using boat battery wiring that is at least the size of the engine starting marine battery cables – probably 4 AWG, but maybe 2 AWG. You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. Gas power choices include 2HP or 3.5 HP four-stroke gas outboards by Tohatsu America Corporation. This will eliminate the switching of the black wire from battery to battery to make devices work.
Electric power choices include 30-pound or 40-pound thrust electric outboards from Minn Kota Motor Corporation.

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