Although Sea-Doo and Jet Ski are both technically brand names, they have become the most common words for a personal watercraft (or PWC). For pricing on other amenities within the park, such as shelters, RV spots, tent camping, and more, check out our Park Info page, also located in the main menu of this website.
Our 22 foot model (above) accomodates up to 10 people and our 20 foot model carries up to 8 adults. Our Dallas boats and waverunner rentals are available for free delivery to Lake Lewisville. They can be motorized, but also depend on two or three tank-like pontoons to help them float.

The boats themselves normally enclose the body, while the feet rest under the front end, and a double-ended paddle is used to maneuver it.
You sit in the boat and push the pedals, similar to a bicycle¬†movement, which is why some people call it a pedal-boat. They are designed for one or two people and the motor is not exposed like a boat, making them safe for most ages. We’re only a few miles from Allen, Addison, Carrollton, McKinney or Plano – and even closer to The Colony, Frisco and Little Elm!We look forward to seeing on Lake Lewisville soon! The boats have dry storage, a great stereo with iPod auxillary input and the most comfortable seats.

Delivery to other locations are subject to a delivery charge or you are welcome to come pick up the equipment from our office in Lewisville.
The boat or waverunner will be full at time of pickup and it's the customer's responsibility to fill it back up before returning it, or if the marina is closed at time of return we can fill it up after trailering it.

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