The Wisconsin Mandatory Boating Education Bill requires anyone born on or after 01-Jan-1989 to have a boating safety education certificate to operate a motorboat on Wisconsin’s waterways. This certificate may be obtained online here: Wisconsin Boating Safety Education Certificate. Kayak Tours and Rentals in Door County: We believe that the best things that the Door Peninsula has to offer are its outdoor adventures and experiences, and we’re here to help you discover them! Sister Bay Boat Rental:  Sister Bay Boat Rental offers a maintained fleet of recreational watercraft in Door County.

South Shore Pier Boat Rentals:  Pride themselves in providing high quality, well maintained, up to date equipment, and turn their fleet over regularly to keep it that way. We suggest visiting Door County Today or the Door County Navigator for a full listing of dining options in Door County. Whether on land or water, Bay Shore Outfitters has the experience and equipment you need to maximize your fun in Door County. They also have wakeboards, skis, kneeboards & tubes available for your Door County water adventure.

They use only Yamaha outboard motors and Waverunners because of their performance and dependability.

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