Grab your friends,  have a team building outing, divide the rental cost and enjoy 4 or 8 full hours of fun on the lake! We have large pontoons and limit it 10 people to assure you have enough room and have a great experience.
We do have a pontoon that can be trailered off site if you would like to go to a different lake. Call for availability 612-327-8873.  PLEASE READ CONTRACT CAREFULLY!  HAS ALL DETAILS FOR RAIN, DAMAGE DEPOSIT, ETC. Rain Check Policy: Prior Lake Pontoon strives to make each and every one of our customer’s happy during rain events.
Triton Pontoon Trailers Rental Sales: Triton Pontoon Trailers are Triton's lift style Pontoon Trailers gives you the freedom to launch your boat practically anywhere! Enjoy affordable boat rentals in large group out on a pontoon boat, youa€™ll have over 25,000 acres of water to explore.

Home Cabins Pontoon Boats FAQs Weather Points of Interest Restaurant Store Comments Directions Contact: Pontoon Boat Rentals . Take 10-14 people out for a day on the water for swimming, boating and to enjoy the natural beauty of the clear blue water of Glen Lake. Table Rock Lake Pontoon Rentals operates the Tri-Lakes area largest fleet of rental pontoon boats. Use Warsaw Indiana's Boat Rental locator We rent Cottages, Pontoon Boats, Bass Boats, and Small Fishing Boats. Prior Lake Pontoon Rental, LLC is a family operation pleased to offer you quality pontoon rental services. Pontoon Boat Rentals, Renting Pontoon Boats and Fishing Boats, Paddle boats Pontoon Trailers. Avoid the headaches that come with boat ownership and spend more time doing what you love – being on the lake!

Teach the kids to fish from the deck, enjoy a picnic, or simply relax and soak in the scenery. We offer competitive day rates along with great discounts as your number of uses increases.
Our on-staff certified mechanics ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for your entire family.

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