Lure Cottage, Palm Trees, Jaccuzi, Beach, Free Motor Boat Crescent Beach, New York Vacation Rental by Owner Listing 85376 This 2 bedroom Sodus Bay House Rental sleeps 8. Marina, Boat Yard Shipstore are located 7250 Route 14 N, Sodus Point, NY 14555 All Rentals are plus the gas used and 8% Sales Tax. Local Get Ratings Reviews on Marinas with Photos Boat Rental Charter (2) Boat Repair (2) Fishing (2) Campgrounds (1) Hotels Motels (1) Big deck with great views of bay, sunrises, sunsets, large dock for your boat . The cottage offers 3 comfortable bedrooms Relax and enjoy as you watch all the boats go by. Nine cottages and bed and breakfast situated on six acres at the south shore of Little Sodus Bay. Lifeguard beaches, fabulous restaurants Find complete listing for boat rentals near Sodus Point. Or dock your boat at the backSodus Point Vacations, NYIt is located directly on the Sodus Bay.

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