All Boats require a $150 damage deposit, returnable after the returned boat is inspected and no damages noted.
Life vests are supplied for all occupants EXCEPT babies…you must provide your own life vest for babies and SMALL toddlers. They do have a landing for boats and also rent pontoon boats and canoes for people to cruise up and down the river. Want more LOCAL Cincinnati and Northern KY outdoors related articles delivered to your inbox? Cancel replyLeave a comment(* red asterisk is a required field)Email addresses are kept private and never disclosed. Recent Commentsjaison commented on Quick List of Items for the Great American Backyard Campout jaison commented on Camp Meal Ideas Justin commented on Take that old laundry detergent bottle camping! What’s at this outdoors site?Great Wild Outdoors contains information and articles about camping, fishing, and general outdoors items. If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them at the end of the articles or feel free to use my contact form.

We did not rent a boat but thought it would be fun to rent a pontoon boat if we went camping with another family. Renter is responsible for all of fuel used in the boat, which will be refueled at the end of the rental period and billed to renter at the posted rates.
Upon pulling up we were greeted by a friendly staff member who when I said we were there to check in for camping went and got our parking pass without even asking our name. The scooter would kinda go on the road, but not real good as it isn’t paved in the camping area.
For the gravy I heated that up in a plastic container that I sat in boiling water from the grill. This made for a great evening snack and would also be great for a stop on the hiking trail. When you’re ready to eat you can toss it in the campfire or hear it up on your grill. Speaking of entertainment: I mentioned we forgot our fishing poles but it turns out the camp store rents poles!

We also decided that the next camp out will be a 2 day camp out so we could sit back and relax at the campground a little bit longer. We rented a pole and my girlfriend was able to get a signal on her phone and went to the KY Department of Natural Rescources site and purchased a one day fishing license.
The campground does have a web cam that is focused on the boat dock if you would like to see what’s going on. Carrying everything I forgot to bring: charcoal, lighter fluid (I forgot my tripod grill so I could cook over the campfire). They didn’t have any made up but the guy quickly had us a couple of bundles ready to go.

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