Pontoon Boat: Boating is one of the most enjoyable and affordable ways the entire family can spend a memorable day on the water together. Your Boat Rental: Our Pontoon Boats can hold up to 10 passengers so there is plenty of room for everyone to take a trip to Shell Island. FAQ’sHow do I go about reserving and renting a pontoon boat?Reserving your boat is easy!
By renting our pontoon boats and captaining them on your own, you give yourself the freedom to enjoy vacation at your own pace, instead of being at the mercy of a tour boat captain and crowded with other tourists.
When visiting the gorgeous white quartz beaches of Destin, Florida, renting a pontoon boat to cruise the emerald waters gives you a little extra freedom to see what’s out there on your own schedule. Captained boat tours are very popular around Destin, but there’s also something special about getting out on the water with just your family and friends, and listening to the sound of the waves hitting the sides of the pontoons. If you want to hold an all-day event on the water, ask about our 24ft Pontoon boat with 115 HP; it’s the only one in the Harbor!
Whether you want to sail the ocean, fish for sport, or cruise into the sunset, Wet-N-Wild Watersports will provide you with the best boat for you and your party. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the water with your friends to celebrate, or you want to enjoy the peaceful relaxation of calm ocean waters with your family, Wet-N-Wild Waterworks in Destin has you covered.
Action Water Sportz is pleased to provide you with Pontoon Boat Rentals.  All pontoon boats are equipped with Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engines for quiet, smooth and reliable operation.
An easy to follow map to cruise up to Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle Beach on the inter-coastal waterway will be provided. You can pull right up to the beach at one of our wonderful uninhabited islands, Bird Island or Waities Island for great shelling, picnicking, or just chillin’ out on the islands.
We are the oldest Lake George marina and have a long history of servicing the area's boating needs. Why not enjoy the best summer of your life on Lake George or your other favorite lakes in a Bryant Boat? Avalon Pontoon Boats are a beautiful composition of the finest elements known to pontoon boating, along with over 40 years of manufacturing experience. We have a great selection of power boats, pontoon boats, kayaks and canoes available for you to enjoy. Please let us know about any questions or special needs you may have regarding boating and enjoying Lake George.

Our brand new Pontoon Boats are top of the line, with the highest quality and full of amenities.
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Taking your easy to drive Pontoon Boat out to Shell Island and spending the day snorkeling, finding sand dollars or even doing some fishing can be a great addition to your Panama City Beach vacation. Enjoy the emerald waters of Destin and the Gulf coast without picking from the fixed menu of the tour boats.
Depending on the design, two or three pontoons rest in the water, with a platform over them. You can cruise around, looking for the whitest of the white beaches—some of the whitest in the world, because of the quartz that washes down out of the Appalachians—or ask for tips from our experienced staff on the most likely places to see dolphins playing in their natural environment. There are so many ways to enjoy the water around Destin that your trip will make memories to last a lifetime. We’ll make sure that your group has the experience of your lifetime, and you come away with memories to spare. Our pontoon boats are kept clean and in good working order and are equipped with SC state required safety equipment including life vests for passengers of all ages. See the interesting and beautiful homes that line the waterways from an entirely new perspective. The finest construction, the most luxurious designs and the largest group of unique standard features create a distinctly different and clearly superior pontoon boat. Deep blue oceans, clear skies, white beaches, swimming, sailing, and snorkeling: Does that sound like a promising family vacation? The objective is to provide features focused on your safety, comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Paradiso Charters offers Pontoon experiences and a variety of other boating and yachting options.
Drop anchor and go hunting for sea shells, or eat at a restaurant on the water and listen to some great music around Crab Island. Operation of equipment in unmarked, natural creeks and bays is likely to lead in damage to the boat which is the responsibility of the renter. Smith and Sons Marina family, Bryant Boats are committed to achieve that indefinable essence of quality that you deserve in your life.

They are very spacious and there is plenty of room to bring the whole family along, including pets. Today this Lake George marina is one of the premier dealers of Bryant boatsA and other popular brands. Florida beckons all vacationers with the promise of a fun filled, adventurous and exciting vacation. Our pontoon boats are so safe and simple to operate that even kids can take a turn at the wheel.
The stability of the boat makes it easy to corral even very young children while you’re in motion. Also you could fill your days with enthralling activities like Parasailing, boat riding, sightseeing, jet skiing, and swimming with wild dolphins! Our staff members will give you the simple demo of how to drive the boat before you take off, and you will be good to go!
We will also familiarize you with the boat’s safety equipment (such as the personal floatation devices required by the U.S. We will also be happy to go over the chart (water map) of the waters around Destin before you head out. Ask for the inside tips of local favorites and you will find some spots the tour boat crowds never see!Why rent a pontoon boat? What are the advantages?When you rent one of our comfortable pontoon boats, you make the entire Destin seascape your own playground. Rather than being held to the schedule (and expense!) of a tour boat operator, you can set the agenda AND the course of sail! You and your group can enjoy each other’s company without being crowded onto a deck full of other tourists.

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