Access Lower Saranac Lake Through Our MarinaAmpersand Bay and the Saranac chain of lakes offers more than 40 miles of scenic waterways, and some of the best fishing in the Adirondacks. If you are staying on one of the many islands in the Saranac Island Campgrounds, we offer easy, convenient access to the lake as well as parking for your vehicle. Lower Saranac Lake has large, healthy natural populations of small- and large-mouth bass, northern pike and bullhead. Ampersand Bay Resort’s marina offers live bait, ethanol free gasoline, ice, snacks, drinks, firewood and supplies for sale in our store. Cruise by classic rustic Adirondack style boat houses and see the renowned Great Camps that have been here for over a century.

ESPN's Outdoor Games hosted the Bass Fishing Tournament in the Saranac Chain of Lakes in 2000, 2001, and 2002.
We also offer the convenience of gassing up without hauling gas to your boat, or trailering to a gas station. Visit one of the islands for a day of sunning, fishing, swimming or just cruise the magnificent wilderness waters! Use the state-operated lock system to connect to Lower Saranac Lake, Middle Saranac Lake, the Saranac River, Lake Kiwassa, Lake Flower, and Oseetah Lake. A local favorite spot for small mouth bass is the quiet Weller Pond, just off Middle Saranac Lake, less than an hour by boat from our beach.

Rainbow trout have been caught in the rivers that feed Lower Saranac, and occasionally we see a brown trout or two.

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