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I am seeking a jon or semi-v row boat on the following reservoirs, Kensico- Rye lake, Crossriver, New Croton, Gilead, Lake Gleneida, Crotonfalls and maybe Muscoot.write me with what you have,which area it is located,thank you. 800obo1988 Rhyan-Craft Boat is 14ft long all rivets have been sealedIncluding:2 swivel seats2 metal oarscabelas jon boat cover1973 Sears trailer has tilt option, trailer is also fully adjustable so it will fit many kinds of boats.

I have a 14' Jon boat it's one of the wide Jon boats and there's a trailer that I have new tires for and I have titles for both also there are from the 70's. It comes with 2 motors one is a 5 horse gas powered and the other is a electric trolling motor.

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