Retail awnings and canopies in canvas, vinyl or aluminum made to order with custom signs and graphics.
Retractable Awnings for decks and patios from Solair, ShadeTree and other top manufacturers.
Aluminum awnings manufactured for new commercial business exteriors and retail storefronts. Delta Tent & Awning Company - Awning, Tents and Tarp Sales and Service - TN: Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Jackson, Dyersburg. Boat Covers – Bimini TopsWe supply premium boat covers, custom made and fitted to your exact specifications. Delta Tent & Awning is a major supplier of awnings, tents and custom tarps for residential homes and commercial facilities since 1911. TN: Memphis, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Millington, Lakeland, Jackson, Dyersburg, Union City.
MS: Olive Branch, Southaven, Horn Lake, Tupelo, Greenville, Clarksdale, Cleveland, Oxford, Columbus.
Canvas Craft’s custom pontoon covers are 100% made in USA, hand-stitched using the highest quality marine-grade fabrics in the watercraft industry. Built-in vents on our venting pontoon covers provide breathability and airflow, preventing moisture buildup and mold growth. The best pontoon covers—those made by us, that is—cover the front and rear decks of your pontoon, too, extending the life of your carpet, wood decking and pontoon in general.

When it comes to custom crafting full pontoon enclosures, you could say we’ve been around the lake a few times. We can custom-fit an enclosure to your existing top, and with curtains can create an on-the-water extension of your living and entertaining space. We're certain you'll be so satisfied with your Canvas Craft purchase that we're backing it with a one-year warranty covering materials, labor and workmanship-plus an extended fabric manufacturer's warranty when applicable. A bimini top is a free-standing boat top supported by a three- or four-bow frame that easily folds up and down, offering protection from the elements or full exposure to the sun. Tall enough to allow you to stand and move freely, and wide enough to cover the cockpit and seating areas of your boat, a Canvas Craft bimini cover is a popular and versatile way to offer shade and weather protection for every guest on your watercraft.
For even greater comfort, you can attach curtains and enclosures to your bimini top (link to Curtains & Enclosures Page) and make your boat an all-weather retreat.
At Canvas Craft, we can install snug-fitting snaps to the side of the gunnel, or hide them under the rubrail for a clean, streamlined look. Bow covers snap over the entire front open-bow area of your boat and can serve several purposes. Our adjustable pole and vent system work well together by supporting your cover while letting your boat breathe, keeping out unwanted moisture, mold, mildew and rot. Custom and precise notches and Velcro flaps and covers mean we can accommodate wake boards towers, gas flaps, bimini frames, radar arches, special frames and almost anything.
That’s why we create the tightest-sealing, best-fitting pontoon covers and enclosures you’re ever going to see on the water.

They give you maximum protection from pooling and leakage, and with three to four adjustable poles, provide superior water runoff and drainage. Notches and Velcro are engineered at the mounting point (where the boat top meets the railing) to ensure the snuggest fit and optimum protection. Our skills and expertise mean you get a fully-functioning space from your boat top on down. It’s a great way to easily protect your entire boat—and the gear inside—and it’s versatile enough to be your travel or mooring cover. We can craft them to snap at the top of the windshield and stretch to the back of the boat, or we can cover the windshield entirely. Use them for storage to protect from UV rays and rain, or snap them in place to create a “closed-bow” effect on your boat—which is helpful when boating in the rain or cold weather. They come off at hauling speeds, and that’s why so many boating enthusiasts choose snap-on boat, pontoon and marine covers. And, like everything we make, they offer reinforcements on wear points and tight-fitting notches around towers and radar arches. They’re a great way to keep your personal belongings dry and protected on days when the weather isn’t great, but you want to be out.

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