Laird said that the idea for "Pontoon" came about when a publisher asked about a song that he and Hemby wrote for Miranda Lambert called "Fine Tune", but the publisher thought that it was called "Pontoon". Any country artist that can invent a sound never before heard on country radio deserves a round of applause. The Country Music Association Awards are being held tonight and Speakeasy is live-blogging the event. This may not have been the defined mindset, but 1,2,3 have returned after a couple years off the radar with their 2014 release, Big Weather.

He's been retired for almost a decade, but tickets to a Garth Brooks show are still hotter that asphalt on a Tennessee Fourth of July.
The music video is pure down south summer fun with a group of friends literally relaxing and chillin’ on a boat while the four members of the group jam out to their little summer song. These are quotes from contemporary country songs that have helped me grow into the person that I am today and help me satisfy my southern itch.
I saw them open for another country star a few years back and thought they were terrific live.

The song definitely has a twang that you’d expect from a song with such a title, but what makes it great is that it dictates a day of lounging on the boat perfectly.
While I know that most of this can never be real, it's good to escape to a beautiful place.

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