Location: Norway Solar electric pontoon river boat My new boat-project is near completion. In a case of a strong heeling moment one of the two tubes schould be able to bear the complete weight (800 kg + 150 kg crew + ? Location: New Orleans Honestly the specs indicate it is grossly overweight and lacks boyancy.
For a cat this size I think an ideal weight would be around 100kg for the platform plus the gear weight. I don't know much about catamarans, but it looks like the pontoons are too close to each other and will cause wave interference. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

This boat will only be used on the local river (no big waves) on nice (hopefully) sunny days. You need to extend the hulls by almost a meter raise the platform and still keep the all up weight to under 1000 kilos.
The cheap way is to just buy two old beach cats of the same design and join them aft to aft. This is not possible and the (only one) tube would be submerged and could not prevent capsizing.
Thus at 1000 kg waterline will in the middle of the pontoons where you seem to have a floor for the batteries. It will be a pretty bad hull shape thanks to the double rocker, but will still weigh in far less than what you have.

Those plastic tubes are grossly overweight and lack boyancy, both are going to be major drains on the design.
If you were to use the Torqeedo Cruise 4 you would probably be alright but your solar array and battery capacity would be inadequate.
This is just an opinion based on my own experiments attempting to design a somewhat similar craft. I look forward to the launch of your boat and hope that you will post performance figures that I can apply to my own efforts.

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