Canvas Craft’s custom pontoon covers are 100% made in USA, hand-stitched using the highest quality marine-grade fabrics in the watercraft industry. Built-in vents on our venting pontoon covers provide breathability and airflow, preventing moisture buildup and mold growth. The best pontoon covers—those made by us, that is—cover the front and rear decks of your pontoon, too, extending the life of your carpet, wood decking and pontoon in general.
When it comes to custom crafting full pontoon enclosures, you could say we’ve been around the lake a few times. We can custom-fit an enclosure to your existing top, and with curtains can create an on-the-water extension of your living and entertaining space.
We're certain you'll be so satisfied with your Canvas Craft purchase that we're backing it with a one-year warranty covering materials, labor and workmanship-plus an extended fabric manufacturer's warranty when applicable. Location: Tucson, AZ I remember seeing your video a few years ago - most excellent! Did you ever consider rigging up a cable and pulley system so you can steer from the front? Originally Posted by RonKMiller I remember seeing your video a few years ago - most excellent! I was pleased to see your idea and do not know why people do not place their campers on pontoons as you have. Attached is a picture of a 10.m Myark folding trailer barge that has a Jayco caravan on top at the back of a lake in New Zealand. On the front of the lake are caravans and campervans in a caravan park that have to pay fees and staked close to each other. You are not allowed to camp around the lakes in NZ but you can camp on the water line side with the shore line to yourself. Location: 1k Islands I'm sorry I didn't look at this thread earlier, that is fantastic!

One thing though, quiet about that "Chiricahua National Monument" thing, do you want everybody to know about the most beautiful place in America that no one's ever heard of?
Location: United States Camper on a boat I have a company that makes boats for this exact use. Originally Posted by myark I found this similar to yours on google, the picture was tacken in 2009. Location: United States Portable The boat in the photo came to the lake in the back of the truck it now rides on.
Here is a photo of that same model, set up as a white water RV,actualy in the Grand Canyon, not a photoshoped fake. Tug boat propulsion » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Folding T-Top? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I hear ya, I've got more in mine than I'll ever get out but that's ok because it's not an investment it's a hobby! I would wait because you want a tight fit, but not so much you can't get the cushions on without all that hassle.
I installed all my bases without the cushions, I placed them where I wanted them and pushed them close together so they would fit tight! Its always a losing battle for them dealing with vendors who don't seem to ramp up for them, but that's the way it is every summer, so do it early or late. Went down and loaded up toon and brought it home as this is the week all me cushions are to come in. That’s why we create the tightest-sealing, best-fitting pontoon covers and enclosures you’re ever going to see on the water.
They give you maximum protection from pooling and leakage, and with three to four adjustable poles, provide superior water runoff and drainage.

Notches and Velcro are engineered at the mounting point (where the boat top meets the railing) to ensure the snuggest fit and optimum protection. Our skills and expertise mean you get a fully-functioning space from your boat top on down. The "camper on a raft" thing has been done and done, but that one is really well executed! Then I installed the cushions, I would say yes you can if your board and want something to do but it would be nice if you had your cushions there just incase you needed to check something. But seems like they don't really make there own seats meaning that they still sub the bases and cushions out to another company and that they are at there mercy. I go thru the same thing everyday as I am in business for myself and hear that all the time "No problem we can meet that with no problem" then when push comes to shove it's a whole different story.
Just waiting on cushions from PS  Talk to Annette today and she said they are pulling there hair out supplier said no problem and no when push comes to shove they ca't keep up and running out of plastic pellets that they use for molds. Those reclining chairs are made local to them and a few other things too I think, but MOST seats (bases I think are now local) but cushions I don't believe are. I never understand especially with the economy the way it is I would think you would want to fill orders ASAP and get paid . But said my 38" cuhions held up in Customs over the weekend  but said they should clear and hopefully ship this week. Be sure to get some 3m scuff pads and scuff the surface first then clean it and prime it .I did 2 coats primer and 3 top coats. Hi there pee rats Dose any houseboat partizan outthere consume elaborated plans for houseboat pontoon grammatical construction for loading capacitance of building houseboat pontoon design.

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