Location: Thailand 2012 myark trailer with titanium torsions suspenion, titanium axles and hubs. Originally Posted by myark 2012 myark trailer with titanium torsions suspenion, titanium axles and hubs.
Originally Posted by nimblemotors very cool, however you did read they are looking for a builder in the USA right? I can build in the USA like I have built in Australia, Thailand, Tonga, China and New Zealand. Location: Thailand This is a simple Myark design using tension as there are no stringers on the bottom hull which creates lightness also when hits a rock it will not dent and flexes.
Originally Posted by hoytedow Yeah, if you say one nice thing about the design it turns into the Myark Show. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Over the next few weeks we are going to break down what each different type of pontoon is, although it can be very confusing for some people, in reality it is quiet simple.
The gangway or walkway as sometimes known is your access from the land to the pontoon, these are made from aluminium and can generally be built in one piece up to about 18m.

The cable braces (Stainless Steel Cable) on the pontoon run in a X shape, extending from the rear two corners of the pontoon. What all of the above separate steps do is secure the pontoon in one spot, the gangway will stop the back and forth movement while the cables will stop any side to side movement, in affect holding the pontoon in one spot. Aqua Pontoons offer full turn key solutions for your new pontoons including onsite obligation free quotes, council approvals, drafting and engineering, installation.
But if you're looking for cutting edge composite designs that break records, I'd call Steve French at Applied Concepts Unleashed. The concrete type have a 125mm thick concrete deck on the top, this is used to make a strong heavy structure. On a cable pontoon system the gangway does two jobs, one for access and the other is as a brace for the pontoon.
The right hand side cable will attach to a concrete mooring block on the left hand side of the property and the left hand side will connect to the right mooring block on the land, forming the X shape. The pontoon still has the ability to move up and down with the tides due to hinges used on the gangway connection to the mooring block and the pontoon. They shook things up a few years back with the 86' Unleashed and this month the new all composite 50mph plus Makaira launches.

The light weight series is aluminium sheeting and a truss system to gain its rigidity and spread loads, both systems are then topped off with first grade marine carpet.
The gangway is hard fixed to a concrete mooring block on the land end and also the frame of the pontoon, this in-turn stops any back and forth movement. In affect a cable pontoon can rise to almost vertical, kind of like an emu’s head and neck in certain conditions. With boats getting bigger and better everyday, it is easy to run out of space on your pontoon so why not consider upgrading to a pontoon that can correctly accommodate your boat and needs. Aqua Pontoons offer a huge variety of sizes and styles to meet just about any requirement, from large Riviera boats through to smaller Quintrex’s we have you covered, offering additional accessories like dryberth roller systems, boat lifts and a range of add-on accessories like light posts, fender, kayak holders, bait boxes and much more. There will be a lot of good PROCESS to the show, depicting how and why things work or don't work - but big personalities certainly help.

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