Pontoon Boat Rentals in Destin are the best, most intimate way to explore our local waters! There is no better way to explore our beautiful Destin waters than to rent a boat for a day!
Our Destin pontoon boat rentals are offered at different lengths to accommodate for your party size with varying engine sizes.
Please call us at 850-428-3313 (anytime between sunrise and sunset) for pricing information, specials, and discounts. We offer Parasailing in Destin, Jet Ski, Pontoon & Fishing Boat Rentals, Wildlife & Dolphin cruises.
Visit our different Dockside social media channels for the latest information and discount codes. People who do their boating on lakes and other inland bodies of water have long known something that coastal boaters have only recently begun to find out: For sheer comfort afloat, combining an ideal platform for swimming, lounging, and partying with enough speed and maneuverability to tow skiers, tubers, and wakeboarders, it’s hard to beat a modern pontoon boat.
Harris FloteBote won a 2013 NMMA Innovation Award for its new Crowne pontoon boat, which has some razzle-dazzle features like a power-lift arch and GPS-based cruise-control. Unlike the old-fashioned kind that were basically just platforms fixed on top of two floating pontoons, the new designs often feature three pontoons (also called tubes or even “logs”) that are hydrodynamically shaped and efficient in the water, with the middle pontoon lower than the two outboard ones to promote banking and steering that can often rival that of monohulls.
The Cypress Cay LE250 shows the modern triple-tube design and shaped surfaces that promote maneuverability.
This rental boat has ample space, certified up to 10 people, is equipped with parties and families in mind. The upper deck features a solarium lounge, the slide includes a sea water pump so the ramp is always wet.
If the thought of living on water appeals to you, then pontoon house boats may be right up your alley. If you are merely using your boat for leisure cruising or fishing, then a small boat is not an issue. In addition to considering the size of the boat, it is also important to contemplate what materials used to make the boat. In general, small pontoon boats are made with two pontoons while the larger boats are made with three.
Depending on the size of your pontoon house boat, you also have the option of adding a flybridge or a roof deck. There are several companies that stand out for making excellent deck boats.  The best place to buy one new is to check out the manufactures websites.

Regal Boats offers four different models of deck boats, the 24 Fasdeck (staring at $61,283), 24 Fasdeck RX (starting at $66,669) , 27 Fasdeck (starting at $73,726), and 27 Fasdeck RX (starting at $82,188).  These are high performance deck boats that offer the best in luxury and functionality. Boston Whaler has built a reputation based on the high quality of their center console fishing boats.  They offer several lines and models. Contender Offshore has a reputation for building some the sturdiest and most seaworthy vessels on the water. Spending extended periods of time on our lakes and rivers without spending a fortune is now possible with the HRV (Hybrid Recreational Vessel) Liberty.
Following the trend in the living room furniture, the latest fashion in pontoon furniture design is modular.
Quite as the Majesty and the Mistral, it could be equipped with a removable front seating module to complete a full "U" shaped seating area. Very reasonably priced, the Horizon is a good choice for the average budget and comes with basic equipment. The platform of the commercial pontoon boat enables the user to install almost any kind of equipment that we find on other types of boats.
All boats are equipped with a bimini top that can be opened for shade, an anchor, all USCG certified life jackets, room for coolers, and the cleanest seating!
Combined with high-powered modern outboards, some of the new breed of pontoons can skim over the water at top speeds over 40 mph, making fast passages between home and fun zone.
If you’re new to pontoon boats but like the idea of them, this will be a good place to start your research.
However, if you plan on spending a considerable amount of time on your boat -- days, weeks, or months at a time -- it is best to purchase a least a medium size houseboat. Pontoons are a classic cylindrical shape and attached to a frame that supports the structure of the house. Either one of these options provides you with the ability to enjoy the outside of the boat just as much as the inside. You should make sure you have enough space to live comfortably and that the necessary amenities are available.
The HRV is a unique new concept developed by Southland a Canadian manufacturer of high quality pontoon boats. This pontoon boat has been designed with very high standards featuring meticulously chosen furniture.
She's the indisputable motive to setting foot in the comforting charms of our pontoon boats with no worry about their price.

It is built with premium-quality materials and is backed by Southland’s long-standing renown for high quality workmanship. Freed form its sun shade, relying on its 24” diameter tubes and equipped with a back exit along with two 24" access hatches.
The adventures are never ending when you are your own captain- your family can park on a beach and snorkel, anchor at Crab Island to swim and relax all day, cruise around the bay while Dolphin watching, take it out during our one-of-a-kind sunset or cap your Thursday night off by being right underneath the T-6 Destin Warbirds airshow followed by Fireworks (call for more information)! They’re still relatively uncommon in areas where the water can get downright rough, but they’re certainly gaining momentum on the coasts. You should make sure houseboat is made with durable, quality materials that are resistant to rust and deterioration as a result of exposure to water. When analyzing the amount of buoyancy a pontoon will have in relation to the houseboat, it is best to use the half submersion rule as means of seeing how much weight can be upheld by the pontoons. Obtaining a houseboat supported by pontoons can be a very good way to combine the love of home with the love of water. If fishing is more of what you are looking for, check out our Destin fishing boat rentals page.
Meanwhile, inland boaters are experiencing increasingly refined fun aboard their pontoon boats, not only with higher speed and maneuverability, but with pop-up changing tents, enclosed heads, built-in coolers, outdoor cooking and refrigeration, and ever-better ergonomics in seating and swimming areas. Perhaps you are simply interested in owning an alternative residence you can enjoy during the warmer months.
While all of these boats can be used as houseboats, it is important to note the size of the boat should be taken into consideration. The medium size boats usually range in size from 25 to 45 feet while larger houseboats range in size from 75 to 80 feet.
The twin engines allow you to maneuver the boat more easily while the single engine is more fuel-efficient. Vivamus vehicula, dolor ut aliquam tincidunt, ipsum sem scelerisque arcu, ut porttitor lectus dolor nec ligula.
These types of boats allow you to enjoy the convenience of being near water anytime you want.

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