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When it comes to new houseboats for sale, the tubiQ sets the new standard of life on water, and definitely a vibrant futuristic house-boat design.The tubiQ houseboat is a new development in the houseboating industry! Right off the top of my head I can say that a Houseboat without gunnels and not enough or not big enough windows is not going to get good reviews form an awful lot of experienced houseboaters.
We are now building the first prototype houseboats, and the tubiQs will be on the market soon.
I have heard many complaints about houseboats that you have to handle lines on without access to the side cleats.
Four (movable)swivel chairs, table with to locations, storage and fold up & down privacy partition. We have almost finished the first prototype and I can tell you: it looks amazing!I will think about your comments on the view.

And may I say, you have quite the modern futuristic houseboat design going on there.I am sure that it could very well be the beginning of a new houseboat styling for the future. There are massive windows (complete front and back!) in the tubiQ, but I will think about what your wife said about the view. Even if it is a non-navigable "sit-at-the-dock" boat it will need secure cleats for tying up and securing the boat for storms. We are all looking forward to seeing some pictures of the finished and delivered models.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their new houseboats for sale experiences. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.
Sitting on the front or back deck is nice but when having dinner, working from the office or just lazing about in bed, the view is all important. My wife walked aboard ours with it's 3 X 4 foot windows and said, "I love it, Look at that view!" The boat was sold even though the 'view" was across a canal.

Now the view is across the Caloosahatchee River, facing South, in north Fort Myers is a million dollar view! It is large and affords us options unsurpassed by smaller boats.It is not uncommon to have ten to twenty guests wandering about the top deck, sitting out on lawn chairs and recliners. Would you like a boat that has the radar aimed at you while you are sunbathing on the top deck? Not me, I have no urge to be micro-toast!I am not knocking your design but rather bringing a few of my ideas to your attention.

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