A boat that I have discovered while looking for a fiberglass pontoon boat is a 26ft Bayliner Rendevous.
Holiday Marine, located in Central Florida, has great deals on new and used Sweetwater Pontoon Boats.
A brand new pontoon boat for every budget minded family is represented even more through the 2015 Sweetwater lineup. If cruising is your passion, the Sweetwater Pontoon Boats generate a smooth ride with ample seating to entertain up to 10 and 15 respectively.
For the avid fisherman, there are plenty of available fishing options on the 2015 Sweetwater. The Sweetwater 186 and 206 fish and cruise models are quickly becoming the most popular new pontoon boats on the market today.
The sweet news is you can get a beautiful pontoon boat with boat and motor packages starting at less than $18,000.

Located in central Florida, Holiday Marine,  just north of Orlando and South of Ocala, in Leesburg. There are plenty of pontoon boat manufactures out there today,  But how many of them can boast that they've been building boat's for half a century?
Just as Godfrey Pontoon did in 1958 with the unveiling of custom upholstery with protective covers, pressure-treated decks with life-time warranties, convertible canopies and enclosed outboard motor compartments; Godfrey Pontoon Boats continues to be the leader in pontoon boat innovation. They used square fiberglass planning hulls, ours was 21' with a 70 and would move about 27mph. Alum would be okay if you chase the maintenance but they don't do well over time in saltwater or at least I haven't seen any that did. Please call (352)787-4824 to speak with a knowledgeable salesman who will assist you in selecting a package and advising a discounted price. Shelter cove marina on green street has a new line of pontoon boats that are welded rather than pop riveted, they will be at the ac boat show.

From the value based Sweetwater 186 pontoon boat to the Sweetwater 220 Wet Bar, we have the boat for you.
That one was pop riveted, we cut holes in the top of the pontoons and installed automatic bilge pumps to combat the almost constant leakage around the rivets.
Someone had used regular bottom paint on it instead of aluminum boat bottom paint and the galvanic action that had gone on was amazing.

Diy boat building designs
Model maker boat plans 2014

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