Eastern Idaho, ID > Buy & Sell > Boats For Sale in Eastern Idaho, ID > 18 foot Lowe Pontoon has lots of room! I have a 1986 Lowe pontoon it is 18 foot long and has a 40hp Suzuki outboard it needs seats sorry it didn't have any when I got it. With a wheelchair accessible ramp this 1988 Lowe Pontoon is ready to take almost anyone out for a cruise on the water.

Get ready for relaxation and fun out on the water with this 1988 Lowe Pontoon (single outboard). We're having our "END OF THE MODEL YEAR SALE" going on right now on all our New boats in stock including this Beautiful New 2014 Lowe SF214 Fish & Ski Pontoon! I had it out once this year and it ran good if interested call or text me and make me an offer worst I can say is no and sorry I don't do pay pal.

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