Experience the outdoors with our Paddle Boats, also known as pedal boats, pedalboats or paddleboats.
Kennedy Paddle Boats (Pedal Boats) are protected by a two-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. This Pontoon brand delivers genuine luxury by starting with quality, craftsmanship, and pride.

With almost 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there can be room for sun tanning, diving or fishing.
These components include, but are not limited to: plywood decking, seat vinyl, carpet, sun top materials, decals, etc. We will perform a free market analysis which provides you with a suggested listing price, and gives you an idea of what other models like yours have recently sold for.
Listing your boat with Legendary Marine gets your boat advertised on over 13 websites, and in our weekly e-blasts that go out to over 12,000 potential customers.

Call Legendary Marine to set up your sea trial to see how quick, and easy we can get you on the water. With over 25 trained sales consultants at locations in Destin, Tampa, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and Gulf Shores, we are certain you will see that Legendary Marine is the best company for the job!

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