Following the trend in the living room furniture, the latest fashion in pontoon furniture design is modular. Equipped with two or with three toons, the MISTRAL has everything we need on a modern pontoon boat.
Testing it, the MISTRAL 24’ 3 toons, powered with an Evinrude E-Tec 300 hp easily did a 52 miles per hour. You may have cruised in some of the best party boats around, burning a big hole in your pocket with equally finest price tags, but the “Pontoon” by LA-based designer Christopher Williams is a party boat with difference that provides a luxury retreat for your weekend parties without robbing your bank accounts. Featuring Triumphs’ advanced Roplene construction system, a dual wall system made by roto molding marine-grade polyethylene, the Pontoon also includes super resistant flooring and transparent plastic ensures safety of the sailors, while Actramat acrylic ensures optimum flexibility, fade resistance and good looks. Integrating solar panels on the roof that moves up and down to follow the direction of the sun throughout the day, the sustainable boat also incorporates foldable fabric that spreads over the deck to protect the sailors from direct heat of the sun, other than allowing privacy.

The Bozeman Inflatable Pontoon Boat - 32-037-011901-00 gives you the freedom to go fishing at a moment's notice. Call Marina Mikes in Fort Myers, Florida (Toll Free) at 1-800-955-7543 or 239-216-7867 or Email Us for more information !
Very reasonably priced, the Horizon is a good choice for the average budget and comes with basic equipment. Apart from its opulent aspect, the party boat is build under sustainable lines to double the essence of your festivity floating on the waves.
These lightweight boats can be neatly stored in your vehicle and taken out quickly so you can enjoy a brief outing on the water or a full day of hardcore fishing.
It is built with premium-quality materials and is backed by Southland’s long-standing renown for high quality workmanship.

These inflatable watercraft have innovative designs to comfortably and quietly bring you to where the fish are.
Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec sit amet felis erat, vel venenatis lorem. Inflatable pontoon boats are ideal for fishing with fly or tackle in your favorite stream, lake, or pond.

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