The Isles of Capri Marina can provide you with boat rentals and everything else you need to enjoy some time on the beautiful backwaters of the Marco Island area.
Our pontoon boat rentals and kayak boat rentals can put you into some of the most beautiful waters on the entire Florida Gulf Coast, and you simply haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. If you like to get up close and personal with the water, you’ll enjoy one of our kayak boat rentals. After you have secured your boat rental and have made your choice between fishing and other activities, the experts at our marina can help you decide where to go.
Let Isles of Capri Marina’s boat rentals and knowledgeable, friendly staff be a central part of your Naples Florida area vacation! Pontoon boat rentals from the Isles of Capri Marina are the perfect platform for shallow water fishing in backwaters of the Marco Island and Naples Florida area, as well as nature tours through the wilderness and trips to uninhabited islands for shelling and swimming. Kayak boat rentals from the Isles of Capri Marina allow you to immerse yourself in all of the natural beauty that the Marco Island and Naples Florida area has to offer.

Marco Island is located just south of Naples Florida and the Florida Everglades, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
Whether it's fishing, shelling, exploring or just the joy of boating that you love, the Isles of Capri Marina can provide you with a boat rental that will help you enjoy it. Our kayaks can take you to magical places along the Marco River and islands that you can’t reach any other way. We know these waters, and we can give you tips on locating everything from good fishing spots, local birds and other wildlife to great places to go for dockside dining.
You don’t even need a destination or a plan with a pontoon boat, you can just pile some food and drink aboard and enjoy a picnic on the water! You can embark on your own personal adventure as you explore the backwaters of the Marco River and its native Florida wildlife.

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The area gives you all of the natural tropical beauty that you’d find in the Florida Keys without all of the overt tourism.
If you’d prefer a power boat rental, or would like to take a few people with you, one of our pontoon boat rentals would be the perfect way for you to explore from south of Naples Florida to Gullivan Bay and anywhere between. Whether you’re in a pontoon boat rental or a kayak rental, the marina has a wide selection of fishing equipment available for rent and for sale along with all of the sunscreen, drinks, snacks and other supplies that you’ll need. If you’d like to include more than two people on your trip, the marina can supply you with several kayak boat rentals with enough seating for your entire party to travel together and enjoy the scenery.

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