Each Cycleboat is individually made and therefore highly customizable with a variety of aesthetic options. While some clients are charging by the seat (typically $35 per person), PaddleTap rents the entire Cycleboat out at $429 per tour. Our Cycleboats are built in accordance with the United States Coast Guard commercial boat regulations which allows you to operate them as commercial tour boats. The pontoons that are the foundation of our commercial Cycleboats were designed specifically for us by a prominent Naval Engineering and Architecture firm. Riders sit at a mahogany bar with aluminum grab bars running the length of the bar for support. A trough-style stainless steel cooler runs down the middle of the bar and the lids are powder-coated according to your branding and color preferences.
The cooler lids open in alternating directions allowing riders to access beverages at their leisure and plugs in the bottom allow for easy drainage.
A: The standard model has 10 cycle stations and accommodates 15 passengers and 2 crew members but can be built to suit.
A: Under purely human power they go about 4-7 mph, and about 8-9 mph using the 10HP electric motor that comes standard.
A: All of our Cycleboats are designed and built to the Coast Guard regulations for Small Passenger Vessels for commercial use (“for hire”). Each Cycleboat will be either be considered an “inspected vessel” or “non-inspected vessel” depending on whether or not it will be operating in a waterway that the Coast Guard has jurisdiction over.
Inspected Vessels: Our regional Coast Guard representatives physically inspect the Cycleboats at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process. To put it simply, commercial tour boats are “for-hire vessels” while recreational boats can only be rented without a paid driver (typically the way most resorts and rental companies operate).

Our Cycleboats have been built to the higher Coast Guard (commercial) Small Passenger Vessels standards which ensures the utmost safety for all passengers on our Cycleboats.
A: Our pontoons were designed by a naval architecture firm specifically for our boat, and in order to meet USCG standards for commercial tour boats the pontoons must be square.
We can manufacture round and square aluminum pontoons to fit your recreational boat, commercial boat, or for dock floatation. Aqua Patio AP 240 SL Designed with rear-facing lounges contoured to be the ultimate in comfortable seating, the Aqua Patio 240 SL takes relaxation to a whole new level on GX50 soft-touch vinyl.
Sport Cabin Twin 140 hp Suzuki 4 stroke, Bracket Mounted Hard Top WSide Windows, Acrylic Aft Drop Curtain. Customizations include (but are not limited to): color schemes, bar top materials, sound systems, rope lighting, logo integration and solar options.
Each pontoon has multiple sealed baffled chambers and are USCG inspected at multiple points during the build. This model sits on 25-foot pontoons, has a 10-foot beam and measures 9.5 tall sitting on the water with a 12 inch draft.
Every 5th inspected Cycleboat that we manufacture is physically inspected by Marine Safety Center representatives who also perform a stability test. We are happy to work with the organization controlling your waterway and provide them with any plans and documentation they require. They have sealed baffles creating multiple chambers within each pontoon, so that if one section of the pontoon is compromised, the remaining sections will continue to provide enough buoyancy to keep the boat afloat. The pontoons used in the standard model are 25 feet long, 34 inches wide and 29 inches tall. Insurance brokers are typically licensed in only one state and rates will vary by location.

Northwest Boats 187 and new 207 Compass models sets a new and exciting benchmark in boating value.
Once the Cycleboat reaches the waterway that it will be operating in, the local Coast Guard will perform additional safety inspections and will issue a Certificate of Inspection (COI) that will allow you to operate the Cycleboat as a commercial for-hire vessel.
These pontoons not only fit our Cycleboats well but will also perform excellently at higher speeds.
Each pedal station has a cup holder in front of it and there are coolers running down the middle of the bar for easy access to food and beverages.
We have the contact information for all of the insurance brokers that our clients are currently working with and the broker that we use for our boat builder’s insurance would be happy to help you get a quote for your area. We offer new and used boat sales, boat repair, outboard boat motor repair, boat trailer repair, winterize, bottom paint and more.
We have a great selection of new boats from some of he best brands of boats for sale such as Campion Boats, Northwest Boats, Sweetwater Pontoon Boats, Aqua Patio Pontoon Boats, Ez Loader boat trailers and Polar Kraft Boats. We have new and used inboard outboard boat motors, boat trailers, Jon Boats, Pontoon Boats, Aluminum and Party Barge. With all of these boat brands and types we have a boat for sale available for almost any boater.

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