Stereo; Sony MEXM70BT with Bluetooth and CD player and 4 speakers and stainless steel speaker covers. Location: Huddersfield, UK Beppe - I'm sorry for the slightly abrasive tone of my last post - it was at the end of a long and very frustrating day - I really shouldn't have posted in that frame of mind - I do apologise. Beppe This is straight from Godzilla optimisations for unconstrained hulls having identical displacement and design speed. Location: Huddersfield, UK Rick, I haven't got to the engine calibration yet - though my other engines and I have discussed it. I suspect that the most common engine combination will have a big power difference, as one of them is a keen club cyclist, who does audaxes regularly, and the other is me, who isn't and doesn't. We are aiming for initial testing that the thing works and doesn't fall apart in a local reservoir, and then shakedown and serious testing on Windermere, which gives us a 10.5 mile run each way.
I am shortly going on holiday to camp on a Scottish island (Gigha) and it is sorely tempting to take the pedal boat with me, but I think in sense, an untried vessel without a dedicated second pilot, in Scottish coastal waters may not be a recipe for a happy start. There are some refinements like smaller rudders but these sort of boats are about chasing down detail.
Typically a trained rider likes to spin faster so you might find some imbalance because the props will be low slip. With two up you might find the speed of spinning is uncomfortably fast for you if the other rider is good. Without weight on the stern you might find it operates a bit bow down but trim should be good with weight on the platform.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   Seat is next to the most important part of the boat; engine being #1! If you head in the other direction on next holidays you might be able to arrange to meet Clemens mid Channel.
Originally Posted by Tiny Turnip Beppe - I'm sorry for the slightly abrasive tone of my last post - it was at the end of a long and very frustrating day - I really shouldn't have posted in that frame of mind - I do apologise. I have put this proposal of yours in the Open Waterbike website, open to comments form visitors, and hope someone will comment in this forum too. Sorry for the problems with the .dwg file, you need Autocad or another cad program to open and modify it.
Location: Florida I am brand new to HPB and have read a lot the past 2 days.
The kickup is very simple, and is latched by a little spring loaded brass button, which keeps the unit down, or up. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. SPORT PERFORMANCE SYSTEMThe SPS hull offers handling and performance characteristics similar to ESP in an affordable package designed for engines 200 V-4 and less.

EXPRESS TUBE PACKAGEThe Express Tube Package offers increased bow lift and moderately increased speed and maneuverability as an affordable alternative to a fullfledged performance package. Deflects water from the bottom of the deck, which reduces "surging" and enhances the soft, quiet ride in rough water. Add bow lift, which increases handling across choppy water and improves speed as much as 4.8 miles per hour, depending on engine selection.
Power-assist steering is powered by an electronically controlled hydraulic pump connected to the SeaStar® system.
Tall Timber in Pittsburg, NH offers a fleet of well maintained and comfortable fiberglass fishing boats and pontoon boat rentals on Back Lake, featuring the extremely quiet and environmentally friendly four-stroke six horsepower engines.
Tall Timber's Pontoon Boatthe "Connie C"Why not spend an afternoon cruising Back Lake in comfort and then go to the Rainbow Grille for dinner?
I would be very interested to see what outputs we can sustain, and how this would affect prop design. Does that raise the interesting possibility of 2 different prop designs tailored for the different capabilities of the engines? The black anodised yoke holding the seacycle units is a standard sea cycle unit, from Meyers boat, as there is some degree of accuracy needed in the fit.
The boat I am proposing is a blend of monohull and catamaran, you get the speed and stability of a catamaran with the single dry deck space of a canoe. It offers enhanced stability and water displacement with quick planing and handling characteristics that rival a fiberglass sport boat.
SPS includes 3 full-length 25” diameter pontoons, lifting strakes on the center pontoon, performance foils on the inside of the outer pontoons, solid round keels on all three tubes, an under deck wave shield, SeaStar® hydraulic steering and a 32-gallon transom fuel tank on select models. Package includes a modified center tube with lifting strakes, V-Keels on all three tubes, and a modified wave shield. For optimum performance, lifting strakes are recommended for engines rated 115hp or greater and for boats exceeding 30 mph. The electric pump "does the work for you" so the driver can expect incredible handling and turning with little effort.
Our new 16 foot Pontoon Boat is equipped with a 25 HP E-Tec Evinrude outboard, so you don't need a NH Boating Safety Certificate to rent it! The "Connie C" is equipped with the required safety equipment, and also an anchor and ladder. The angle brackets in stainless steel which join the yokes to the spars I had made up locally.
The 3 deck panels bolt down to the spars via captive nuts in the little blocks screwed and PURed to the side of the spars. I have been worried about the two up weight distribution being a bit too far forward, but I couldn't see a way round it without fairly major complexity, and I needed a quick and dirty build!

Ask your dealer about the XL 115 package for a lower horsepower option that’s similar to SPS. Lifting strakes are recommended for 90hp or greater on boats with twin elliptical pontoons.
I do have a tame stainless steel specialist though, so I could experiment with asking them to weld up the twisted blade 'blanks' and then grinding the foil profile as you have suggested elsewhere. I did think too, that a lot of the fun will be messing about with 4 up, or the camping gear, and we could stash that well back. But there is also terrific scenery on the west end of the lake looking east towards Mount Magalloway. The red rope is my steering arrangement, to avoid the Dart's original great long tiller sweeping any passengers off the deck. Construction would be moulded plastic with fixing point for drive leg, the boat would be complete with rudders and moulded seat. Optional Power-assist steering and available fuel tank upgrade is recommended in addition to the base package on engines greater than 150hp. Calling Loons, diving Osprey and an occasional soaring Eagle remind us of how special this place is. The only setup would be putting the drive in place, of course details and final dimensions would need to be worked out but it could be done. They will have a very simple fore-aft adjustment by clamping the seat base (not in the photos) to the deck through a small cut out, with two small G cramps. This would be a recreational boat that can be easily transported and almost anyone could use it. The "Connie C" is available for rent for two hours, a half day (4 hours), a full day, or multiple days. The seats themselves are a bit of an extravagance - from Trice engineering for their recumbants, but I thought a good comfortable position was pretty important for long cruises. I will fit new pedals with spds on one side, but the manufacturer of the unit has threadlocked the existing pedals in, so it is a bit of a tough job! I will also put adjustable webbing loops round the front crossmember, as hand restraints to pull on when pedalling hard. RENTER agrees that no one other than those named in this agreement will operate the Boat.12.
RENTER agrees to operate the Boat in a safe and legal manner as prescribed by all laws and regulations applicable to the area in which the Boat is operated, and shall be personally responsible for all boating violations.

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