It is highly recommended that you make reservations at least 2-3 weeks in advance for holidays and weekends. Reservation Deposit: required at time of reservation and applied to rental price when boat is picked up.
Cancellation: You must cancel at least 48 hours in advance for one boat reserved, and 1 week in advance for more than one boat reserved or you will forfeit your reservation deposit. Minnesotans are putting a tidal wave of imagination into their pontoons a€” from luxe water slides to pirate planks. Brian Holeman walked the plank of the Coon Raider, Robert McCluskey's pirate ship on Coon Lake Tuesday afternoon.
The water canon in action on the Coon Raider, Robert McCluskey's pirate ship on Coon Lake Tuesday afternoon. Dewey and Wanda Johnson, foreground, with their friends Nate Hunt and Kim Krob on Crystal Lake Wednesday afternoon in Burnsville. Dewey Johnson fabricated a bar out of cherry with a motorized liquor cabinet for one of his pontoon boats on Crystal Lake in Burnsville. The custom dashboard on Dewey Johnson's pontoon boat on Crystal Lake Wednesday afternoon in Burnsville.
Nate Hunt showed the pop-up bathroom on board Dewey and Wanda Johnson's pontoon boat while out for a cruise on Crystal Lake Wednesday afternoon in Burnsville.
Jack and Kathryn Swenson had their "Gazeboat" out for a cruise Thursday evening in the channel between Maxwell Bay and Crystal Bay in Wayzata. Jack Swenson handed his wife, Kathryn, a glass of wine while they were out for a cruise on their "Gazeboat" Thursday evening on Maxwell Bay in Wayzata. Jack and Kathryn Swenson took their "Gazeboat" for a cruise Thursday evening on Maxwell Bay in Wayzata.

These aren’t the kitschy putt-putters with plastic chairs and artificial turf, either. Pontoon sales nationally shot up 58 percent from 2010 to 2014, according to industry reports. Boaters justify the cost by trading in their speedboats and fishing rigs for a single, versatile vessel.
The story: On most days, Robert McCluskey calls his famed pontoon pirate ship the Coon Raider. Each spring, McCluskey and his crew work off their cabin fever by fixing up the Coon Raider. Sure enough, hidden under a mass of black weathered wood are two steel 25-foot tubes manufactured by Premier Pontoons.
The Coon Raider isn’t the first pirate ship to sail Coon Lake, which has been the home to other renegade vessels. Features: Totally enclosed structure, chandelier, custom cabinets, stainless-steel refrigerator, wicker furniture, surround sound. The story: Keeping Minnesotans from enjoying their beloved lakes is like keeping toddlers off the furniture. Kathryn and Jack Swenson’s dreams of building an enclosed gazebo on the shore of their Lake Minnetonka home were thwarted years ago when lake restrictions prevented them from building a new structure closer than 75 feet to the water.
The couple occasionally cruise Maxwell Bay, away from the wake of other boats while soaking up the solitude of a 57-acre nature preserve. Thanks to a special no-spill stemware cupholder, Wanda Oland-Johnson’s white wine stays put, too. The couple recently tested out their newest lake toy, which rides the water like a speedboat rather than plowing like a traditional pontoon.

Bounce-N-Splash 13' Water Bouncer from Island HopperThe Bounce-N-Splash is a great water bouncer from Aqua Sports! Some on-site assembly may therefore be required.We can, to some degree, customize our boats, particularly our pontoon boats, to suit your requirements, and have added moon-pools, cranes, vehicle ramps.
It features 316 Stainless steel Anchor Rings, 4 attachment points, molded handles and welded footsteps. Pontoons, while still floating platforms, are larger, more powerful, more luxurious and sometimes even outrageous. Pontoon people are treating them like mini-yachts: demanding full bars, luxe furniture and state-of-the-art sound systems. From angling and water-skiing to cocktail cruises and bachelor parties, the pontoon can do it all.
McCluskey admits he torments other boaters with a water cannon that shoots 10,000 gallons a minute with a 70-foot spray.
With a standard pontoon as its base, the Gazeboat came to life with an aluminum and screen enclosure, crystal chandelier, fresh flowers and shabby chic furniture.
Most of the time, the Gazeboat is docked in front of their home, where the Swensons can drink their morning coffee, read the Sunday paper and even nap.
Premier Pontoons, based in Wyoming, Minn., makes a two-story pontoon that comes with a water slide. Residents from around the lake have donated skulls, signs and flags, plus other pirate decor found at garage sales.

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