I have a 60L Ballast tank well forward in the boat, but it is not yet plumbed in in these Vids.
Originally Posted by fluidformations Hi there, here are some vids of my power tri I have been sea trialling.. Location: Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia Hi there, the boat has handled 5' waves with ease and at speed. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida X Factor I'm curious about how you decided on the overall beam for the boat-what were your major consideration?
Location: Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia Hi Doug, I wanted to keep it around the 8' overall mark so i could legally tow it on a trailer where I live. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida X Factor You seem to have done an excellent job-good luck with the boat! Originally Posted by Doug Lord You seem to have done an excellent job-good luck with the boat!
In quarter seas,she seems quite healthy, keeps track and goes strong, I think having the armas 'elevated' and surfing helps this.
Will post pics of her up and coming little sister soon, with a 70hp Jetski engine and pump in it!
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
What you have is a performance hull and should be treated as such underpower and you have a dog . Frosty Previous Member   Lots of money and work for something that might not work. Location: Australia How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency How do you figure a narrower tunnel will supply more lift ? Regards, Gabor That cat come tunnel has a hydrofoil across the tunnel and thats a whole differant thing . Frosty Previous Member   Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing. Originally Posted by Frosty Hes not asked for performance or lift -- --he said he wants to go fishing. Location: istanbul My Power Catamaran Design 63'' Under construction now. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Power cat Congratulations on the launch!
The attached jpeg & pdf files in the lead entry of this topic would be the original posting.
Location: Vancouver, BC Thanks for posting the plans, just took a look at them.
Location: Florida Looking at the valve in the pdf reminded me of something, so I sought, and I found. Turning a planing hull into full displacement » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Eddy Shipbuilding Corp? Firstly, for those who don't keep an eye on macroeconomics, the world is now well into a recession that will soon deepen into a long lasting depression in the US and EU: discretionary spending is dying, as Rv's sales are down 60%, cars down 35% and boats down 30% for 2008. Yet, these are times for radical thinking in boat design to suit the conditions and the residual market: in my home base of the Cayman Islands, I'm planning to build a Pocket Catamaran Cruiser in the 25' range, as a one-off using Duflex panels.
Then, there is the Prowler 950VT, which has some well thought out features, asides from what appears to be a very efficient hull: sharp entry at slow or high speeds, load carrying ability aft where the weight is usually concentrated, easy access to hulls from bridgedeck and clever location of the outboard engines, which have a clear water flow while keeping the stern platforms free. There would be a large forward hatch that would incorporate part of the forward vertical trunk cabin to give full access to the anchoring gear - with anchor stowed on a small bowsprit - while standing on the forward berth and without having to walk on the narrow side decks.

The main cabin would have the steering station near centre line with access to the hulls on both sides. Hopefully, the engines could be recessed into the inner side of the hulls - as in the Prowler 950VT - to free up a good size stern platform for boarding or pulling up large fish. Location: australia Maybe its your definition of a cruising boat I have an issue with.
Yachties that have or are getting a bit old for sailing, or just chasing more comfort are after speeds similar to sailing speeds for their cruising boats, they dont want 22 knots nor could they aford to move their house around at that speed. Originally Posted by sabahcat Maybe its your definition of a cruising boat I have an issue with.
This is what I am in the process of doing now, and it will allow me to move comfortably in regions where the exchange rate is more favourable, meaning more fuel, food etc for each $ spent.
As I said, by all means show your concept and how it can be done with comfort and seakeeping making it a cruiser, until then, I say it is an unlikely concept. Location: Eustis, FL I've found Seagem's outlook on the current economy, considerably over stated, certainly not based in facts nor any accurate historical model.
The idea of a little cat cruiser has merit, but again, this is a yacht and discretionary finds are being horded at the moment, so unless you have the pockets to survive this economic bump in the road, then you're just pissing up a rope. There will still be major economic issues to contend with, but we've all known this for some months.
Seagem, I think you'll find that around here, as in most other things and places in life, you need to earn respect and develop reputation. Originally Posted by PAR I've found Seagem's outlook on the current economy, considerably over stated, certainly not based in facts nor any accurate historical model.
Sorry to disabuse you, but I have extensive cruising and ocean crossing experience on my own monohulls and multihulls, as I spent 7.5 years cruising full time after I retired.
Originally Posted by Seagem I happen to be an investor who retired at 31 years of age after starting from scratch and I spend a great deal of time buying - actually, mostly selling short - stocks, options and futures. As far as thinking I am a troll, a bit of history from me is that I have been in the boatbuilding game since 1982 and am a boatbuilder by trade. I am well versed in composite and alloy construction and have been involved in and am building multihulls for 17 of those years, and funnily enough would be interested in tax free money, so It would appear I be just the guy you are trying to attract for the job.
I am currently putting MY money where my mouth is and am building a low speed low powered, long waterline length catamaran for myself as a RECESSION PROOF CRUISER, after 30 years of cruising and observation, and it will have everything you propose and not much more on much longer hulls to be efficient.
This guy doesn't have a boat, very likely has never lived for very long on one, nor is it likely that he's retired at the tender age his naive ranting suggest. This boat is simply fantastic and gets used just about EVERY weekend for the past 3 years, the Evinrude motors are bulletproof and very very light on fuel. Last year I decided to make a relatively small cat (approximately 20ft.) a bit similar to large offshore catamarans.
It take extra power to push and raise with a hydrofoil where as a true tunnel rides on a cushion of air between the hulls .
I'm not sure I see the utility in this vessel; it's essentially a large face mask for SCUBA diving, however with the added dangers of poor egress, battery offgassing and limited vision. This also moves the engine weight and prop further forward, reducing potential aeration in rough seas. It's design will need careful attention to avoid leaks while driving into seas and could incorporate a separate smaller aluminium framed acrylic hatch with screen. To port, a 4 person dinette with athwartships bench seats, the front seat having a reversible back, so that the persons sitting there can either face the table or forward. Permanent storage for a Honda 2KW gasoline generator, so that the exhaust faces aft and outside the boat would be incorporated into the aft beam, that will also have seating and fish boxes. World wide recovery lags behind with about an 18 month average, partly because the USA economy has to recover first and pave the way for the rest of the markets.

They've seen the writing on the wall, have survived previous storms and are reasonably well divested, to absorb some of their questionable acquisitions. By the time 2010 gets here, the Dow will be back over 10,000 and the greedy will be getting richer again. Anyone who's gone through the full design process, is not only proud, but happy to offer profiles, accommodations, general specs, etc. Personally, I think you're a clueless kid that's probably not out off mommy's house yet, but you have big dreams, derived from not having to do anything in life yet, let alone pay for it. But I optimised the design with the armas, so that at its optimum speed (around 18 knots) the armas actually surf on the bow wave of the main hull, hence they have a flat bottom similar to a surfboard. There is some squatting in the stern, I attribute this to the slight rocker I put at the back of the boat, I'm putting a foil on in my next run to try and correct this, but will see what happens and keep you posted.. The design of deck is almost complete, but my problem is that I don't know how it will work with this size.
So I am posting a pic & pdf file of the drawen plans that I bought back in May of 2004.
Bridge deck height to be about 2' at rest or at least as high as that seen on the Prowler 950VT. In the starboard hull forward would be an athwartships queen size berth with hanging lockers and storage forward in the hull and also aft of the stairs. A small arch in line with the aft bulkhead of the main cabin would carry antennas and lights.
Long gone are the days when you could build a Sea Bird on the beach and sail it way, with nothing in your pocket to the south seas and live happily forever.
If you've fostered no value, then you can't possibly expect much, though there is a potential for knowledge. I don't want to build a cruiser, but a faster open boat without a cabin (with 80-100 hp outboard motor). Please do not take these comments as a complaint, for I am glad I was able to contribute to the group. Locating an old print-out of the original online order page, I was unable to visit the site.
To starboard, a galley with sink, 2 burner stove and storage: the fridge could be located there as well, or under the pilot seat. The outer deck top edge would have a small radius to make it easier to jump on the dock and a rub rail would be integrated in the top sides. The rest of the world will see recovery by the end of the year, as in previous events, following the US lead. In other words, you know what you have in mind, but haven't shown how you plan to accomplish it in such a small platform.
Between the hedge fund operators, huge money laundering operations and the absurdly corrupt politicians and bankers, why wouldn't anyone what to do business there. Just finding economical mooring space is currently testy in many parts of the world, let alone this country.
Valid questions have been raised, but instead of replying, possibly showing simple sketches, you've elected to retort. The whole idea of a recession proof anything is just unrivaled exuberance over something they know little of.
Judging by your persuasion skills, I'd say you need to hire a marketing staff at the very least.

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