Glen-L also have plans for 22,24,26,&28ft cats for construction in either plywood or welded aluminum in either center console or cuddy cabin models,plenty of photos on their website showing customer built boats under construction and finished,some with nice looking owner designed cabins. Location: hawaii, usa Big Island, While I am not a boat designer, I have lots of experience in many and various boats in your home waters. Location: hawaii, usa Big Island, I didn't say it was impossible, just wanted to caution you that it's dangerous territory up there! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

This boat was designed for long-range vacations that focus around fishing, watersports, and family comfort.
Their plan prices are very reasonable,$275 for the 22ft model,i dont know how to post a link but you can google them like i did. I offered you a professional design work quote, based on your ideas, and you asked me for that.. You did not ask me for full sized patterns, because if you did, I would have said that's fine.

If 3000 USD is to much for a professional kitset power catamaran design for you , then what quality of boat are you really going to build ??

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