Global demand for private yachts and luxury yacht charters are increasing steadily over the last many years.
The real benefits of an owning private yachts or charter yachts are the freedom to go where you want, within the cruising area of the yacht. It is quite normal for people to consider that a yacht charter is too expensive and only for the very rich. MG Yachting, is an exclusive yacht charters company, organizes private Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey and Greece with a variety of privileged luxury boats.
A sailing holiday, spent on board of a yacht along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey and Greece, is called Blue Cruise.
You will discover the milestones of the  Blue Cruise, magnificent bays in which the heavenly green pine trees washing their leaning branches in crystal clear blue waters, hidden paradises accessible only form the sea, and ancient civilizations as bright as the Mediterranean sun itself. With so many choices in both yachts and yacht types, cruising the crystal waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean is a dream vacation that can be made real. Our charter yachts are selected according to their high standards among the others to come true your holiday to a dream yacht charter. The Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey you will experience in lovely Turkish coasts and Greece will be an unforgettable holiday.
At MG Yachting we not only offer choices of boats, gulets and yachts, but also the services, crews and itineraries that go along well with these vessels.
Yacht Charter itineraries can be possible from the beautiful harbors of Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris in Turkey, as well as the Greek Islands. For a luxury boat charter, selection of the right yacht depending on expectations is vital.
For a private boat charter, our yachts will be at your service for your dream  Boat Charter Turkey. Caribbean sailing vacations is the best opportunity for families and groups of friends to get together for a short period of time.
This image is featured as part of the article Azimut-Benetti Yachts sees 20 per cent gain in new luxury yacht sales.
Una spettacolare opera navale, realizzata nel 2003 dai prestigiosi cantieri navali Royal Denship con il nome Princess Mariana; stiamo parlando dell'attuale yacht di lusso Pegasus V, che si presenta agli occhi con una lunghezza di circa 79 metri ed una larghezza di 14,40 metri.

Progettato da Espen Oeino, al suo interno puo accogliere fino a 12 ospiti in 6 cabine, circondati dal lusso piu estremo per garantire dei "soggiorni" in alto mare senza compromessi. Per quanto riguarda la propulsione, l'imponente Pegasus V e spinto da 2 motori Deutz V12M SB 628, capaci di portare l'imbarcazione fino ad un velocita massima di 18 nodi, con una velocita di crociera di 16 nodi. Pegasus V e attualmente disponibile al charter con tariffe di noleggio degne del suo splendore. In modern world, yachting is considered both a relaxing and interesting hobby, one could use it in weekend sailing getaways or for competitive racing.
This means that you can visit all the places that the charter is allowed to go to at your most convenient time without having to worry about what anyone else wants. This might be the case with top end luxury and mega yachts but there are so many affordable yachts available. High class Turkish gulets and motor boats are the best choices to spend a holiday in Mediterranean.
Cyclades islands, northern and southern Dodecanese islands are the other highlighted itineraries to be seen. Private yacht charter is the most common way to spend a holiday with  family or a group of friend gathering together. Spending time with loved ones or friends on a yacht vacation in a private yacht charter is the ultimate life-time experience. Yachts charter is one of the thriving businesses in the Caribbean islands with more than 1,000 motor yachts as well as sailboats are being offered for plying on the seas on a charter basis. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. Tra i servizi, oltre all'ampia zona solarium e alla palestra, e presente un eliporto, capace di supportare anche l'atterraggio di grandi elicotteri; in piu, la superficie dell'elicottero, quando inutilizzata, si trasforma in un esclusivo golf driving range. Private yachts are ideal for small business parties, casual business meetings, romantic getaways, honeymoons, weddings, and even family vacations.
Whether you are a family or two, or a good sized group of travelers, the popular harbors of the Mediterranean provide a great deal of Yacht Charter selections in Turkey for your holidays at sea. The history, well preserved bays, pine forests, friendly people and fabulous Turkish food are the high lights for Turkey.

The variation in routes are numerous and quite flexible providing the weather conditions, distances and time span are appropriate. To assist selection of the best yacht, convenient for your expectations and budget, our gulets (traditional wooden motorsailors) and motor yachts are approved by MG Yachting. For your holiday a wide range of alternatives like as a small yacht with 2 cabins or up to a huge alternative with 14 cabins  is possible. You can also involve in all kind activities from swimming to scuba diving and snorkeling etc while on yacht. The number of people who will be boarding along with you for the trip and the place where you will be going also contributes in the expenses. Hidden bays in small Greek islands, Mediterranean food and lovely people has to be seen in Greece. MG Yachting will offer you the best suitable choise depending on your budget and expectations. There are different types of Caribbean charter yachts that you can choose from a powerboat, a catamaran or a single hulled sailing yacht. There are yachts that are so spectacular that they are considered vehicles of style more than a means of water transportation. Compared to the price of a vacation on a cruise ship, especially if there are two or more in your party, then the cost of the charter yacht is very comparable. The ideal time for planning a Caribbean yacht charter is the month of February when the sea will be calm and the climate just perfect for sailing. These yachts are owned by the richest people in the world and certainly reflect their wealth.
The places are quite close to one another and you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the water. If you are someone who likes the idea of sailing then you will certainly like the idea of take a yacht to the Caribbean.

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