Lifestyle Integrated has proudly been supporting the recreational marine and power sports industry for more than 25 years on television, print and web. 26' Pursuit OverviewThe Pursuit 2655 is a well-known and well-respected center console brand and model. You have worked hard for your money, so when the time comes for relaxation, you want the best boat that the market has to offer, one boat that will fit your needs and your lifestyle.
With the sheer number and styles of boats on the market, finding a boat can be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming.That’s where a yacht broker like 4Yacht can help. As one of the industry’s foremost authorities on luxury boats of all types, our dedicated team of yachting professionals can quickly and easily help you find the boat of your dreams, no matter how small or big.

If you want a larger boat such as a luxurious flybridge or a cruising boat where you can motor around the world at your leisure.The premier boats we offer here come from the world’s most respected manufacturers, including Sea Ray, Carver, Pursuit, Tiara and Carver, plus many more boat manufacturers. Our goal is to offer discerning clients like yourself practical search methods that make it easy for your to find the best boat that fits your needs. Our website is the ideal way to save money on your boat purchase as we give you access to special offers and deals that can’t be found on a boat elsewhere. No other vessel this size and style can offer the cockpit and cabin space, or the unmatched performance benefits, of this model. And no other brand of boat can provide the superior quality and confidence of Sea Ray Boats.

Mid-size yachts and sports yachts with bridge and fly variations have gorgeous interiors, amenities for anglers and luxury usually only found in much larger vessels. This firm performs all yacht construction in-house, and their team of skilled artisans always create yachts which embody the ideal combination of beauty, quality and performance.

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