This is my first boat so I didn't have much experience to base my choice of boat and motor. Details about your aluminum jon boat, used jon boat, used outboard boat motor, and fishing tackle. What did you use to plug the rivet holes when you removed the front seat?I ground off the rivets from the inside and they were tight enough that I didn't have to do anything.

You may have to undo several things, but it can be done.I find several things that I still want to do on my boat and will keep working on them when time permits. This may be a stupid question but in the stern where the fuel tank and battery normally go what is the little tray like thing in the corner there is one in my boat and was wondering.Thanks JoeI'm not sure what the built-up area on the floor is supposed to be for.
I'm going to have to look into that sheeting that you used - I think that would be the best route for me too (unless I use aluminum sheeting).

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