I have the Clipper Freedom solo canoe in the Kevlar Ultralight lay up with the black trim . A corner lock holds the telescopic poles to form each end, and a parasol-like mechanism in the center maintains the structure of the sides. There are few forms of exercise that are more efficient and work more muscles than cross-country skiing. This canoe tracks well and is easy to maneuver when leaned offside to execute a tight turn.
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Super comfort seat , Rear storage well, 150mm day-hatch and Huge 250mm rear hatch with removable bag, 3 rod holders- 2 flush mounted and 1 Scotty-style rod rolder, Carry handles and Adjustable footrest.
The seat is adjustable to three different heights and also slides fore and aft for maximum versatility in various water conditions. Super comfort seat , Large rear oval waterproof hatch with bulkhead to create waterproof storage, centre 150mm day-hatch with removable bag, excellent side carry handles and adjustable footrest. For wilderness trippers this canoe is appropriate for lighter paddlers carrying loads between 100-200lbs.
Of course one of the best summer exercises is rowing and a good sculler can go at 9 knots with a lot less technology, but hey, scullers can't see where they are going.

Like the Advantage it has good speed and is fairly stable, but what really sets it a part from the Advantage is the 3 way adjustable seat.

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