Fiberglass hull in excellent condition, with all stock outrunner gear, but balanced and added a AQUB9787 three blade prop. I was wondering what size and how you went about putting the cooling lines into the trim tabs. Genesis hull is just over 1 metre long, It is running a Swordfish 200amp ESC with a Leopard 4082 1600kv motor. Check out Cormier Rc on face book and "like" this page to see more pics and videos!

Upgraded shaft from standard Genesis to handle the power, CNC lightweight and balanced prop, 15kg servo. I have installed autobailers which allow any water out of the hull if any gets in but it will not allow any water in. It has one slight mark on the side of the boat where something rubbed against while transporting other than that excellent condition, the ESC has been mounted in a o-ring sealing plastic container which has been mounted in the hull to make sure again safe from water. I have spent a fair bit of time setting this thing up and the speeds it pulls on 6 cells will not disapoint, last time out I clocked it on my GPS at over 90kph and it spits out nearly 6 foot high rooster tails.

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