The product has four configurations of A, B, C and D to meet the need of different consumers. China Good Quality Fishing Bait Boats, Remote Control Bait Boat and Intelligent Bait Boat International Trade Site. When there is weak received signal, the boat can go back to a signal region by automatic U-turn. Upper and lower housings of the hull are fixed with stainless screws, and all circuit board systems are connected with connectors to facilitate the dismantlement and repair.

This bait boat is equipped with double bait hoppers and pothanger, which are controlled via electromagnet switch. Meanwhile, there is audible alarm system, and when there is weak receiving signal as well as battery voltage of the boat or the remote control is running out, it will send out audible alarm in time, to facilitate the manipulator to control the boat. When the consumer buys a product with one configuration, he or she can go to the sales agent to buy upgrading parts when it needs upgrading, and the salesman will be responsible for upgrade installation.
The remote-control handset will not be changed (pre-equipped with functions for all models), and the upgraded functions will be displayed on the LCD screen.

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