Enter your email below and we'll send you a notify email when this item is available for purchase. Supervised by World Hydro Champion Jorgen Anderson, the Thunder Tiger Outlaw 7.5 Yellow Nitro RC Boat is a true competition racer in terms of performance, and yet, its user-friendly design makes it quite suitable as an entry-level model for the most daring RC beginners!
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The Outlaw JR OBL comes ready to run straight out of the box ready for you to take it out for a spin on the lake. The Himoto Crosswinds is a brushless power speed boat not only looks good but it is easy to control.
This new Himoto Genesis is a superb looking rc boat equipped with an powerful 3674KV2075 brushless motor.

The Himoto Makira is 62cm long radio control boat powered by a 2858KV4122 Brushless Motor which produces an incredible amount of power.
Photos shown with partial carbon fiber option and open engine well with 5" wide wood rails. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Deep Vee comes with a powerful Thunder Tiger PRO-46M marine engine featuring centrifugal clutch system to stop the racer at idle. OBL is 720mm long but dona€™ t be fooled by its size the rc boat still breaks all speed limits. OBL rc boat is equipped with an water-cooled brushless out runner motor for even greater performance. Hardware has designed a hardware kit especially for our Gas Scale Hydro kit part# SG400H-GS.

Four aluminum clutch shoes ensure the clutch system is slip-free while the high performance Prather 230 racing propeller is driven by a flexible shaft with Teflon guide tube. The Outlaw JR is 720mm long but don’ t be fooled by its size the rc boat still breaks all speed limits when you take it out for a spin, thanks to the water-cooled brushless Motor. The Quick-Remove magnet hatch cover is a very convenient and secured feature allowing quick access to the engine and electronics to maintain the racer in prime condition. The Outlaw 7.5 includes an extensive list of CNC-machined aluminum parts pre-installed at factory and ready-to-run.

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