MozzieCraft uses the same premium materials and trusted methods as actual shipbuilders from design to completion. Further, the Princess would have linked Britain with the Far East since the aircraft boasted a non-stop range of over 5,000 miles. Despite the best efforts of the marketing team, the projected high operating costs of the Princess drove off the few buyers who might have been enticed to consider the giant flying boat for their line operations. It's going to be very ambitious project, I have thought about building Martin Mars flying boat from Ivan Pettigrew plans but haven't done much about it.
Yeah, there are only 2 or 3 of them left and they are all flying in BC as fire bombers there.

For sure, I have seen documentaries on Saunders Roe Princess and there timing was too late into the production, it's was like they were obsoleted before first one actually did it's maiden flight. Oh I'm sure guys in UK must have made models of these, it's there aircraft and for sure have been modelled there. The Saunders Roe Princess would have made one he'll of an Royal Navy anti submarine & reconnaissance platform. The second video here really puts it into perspective: Supersonic fighters and jet bombers were being put into production, but Saunders Roe was building a throwback to the 1930's. We offer a product lineup of large and medium scale boat hulls designed for the adventurous modeler.

Our hulls are uniquely customizable and built-to-order to provide a high quality foundation for your next marine RC build.

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