This novel by yet another accomplished Swedish crime writer takes a while to get going, but once it does, readers hi??ad better hang on.
Justine Dalvik appears to be an ordinary yet eccentric fortysomething Swedish woman living in her childhood home with her pet bird, but below the surface, there is a volcano waiting to erupt.
When it comes to bleakness, it doesn't get bleaker than Inger Frimansson's Good Night, My Darling, set in chilly Sweden. Justine Dalvik was a young child when her mother died, but her wealthy father, owner of a candy company, gave her his full attention so she coped with the loss rather well.
GOOD NIGHT, MY DARLING won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writera€™s award as the Best Swedish Crime Novel.
For crime-story devotees who inquire, a€?Where is it?a€? before they ask a€?Who done it?a€? this yeara€™s harvest of newly published sleuthies is a trove of geographical delights.
Justine Dalvik is the central figure in Inger Frimanssona€™s Good Night, My Darling (Caravel Books, 978-1-929355-37-2). Within this house, Justinea€™s mother dies and is too soon replaced by the menacing stepmother, Flora.
Whether ita€™s Louisville , the Louvre, or the loo, every place is an ideal site for a mysterya€”as long as ita€™s texture instead of backdrop. The King is a wealthy candy manufacturer, whose good wife dies when Justine, our Snow White, is only three.A  Their castle is a tall, narrow, stone house beside a lake in Hasselby Villastad, a village not far from Stockholm . The story is told primarily from Justinea€™s point of view, in the present when she is in her mid-forties and her father has recently died, leaving her the house by the lake. Good Night, My Darling won the Swedish Mystery Writers award for Best First Mystery in 1998. L'Alsazia A? una splendida regione della Francia al confine con Svizzera e Germania, ed A? anche il posto dei borghi piA? belli del Paese. Ronda A? una delle cittadine antiche e affascinanti dell'Andalusia, che ancora conserva la sua struttura araba.
Funzionali, rapide ed efficienti, e spesso di caratterizzante da una sorprendente bellezza sotterranea. Originally published in 1998, and available here for the first time, the very atmospheric, somewhat claustrophobic story concerns Justine, a wealthy woman approaching middle age, who, after a tormented childhood and a not-much-better adulthood, figures it's time to free herself of the horrible memories that are beating her down.
Since her mother's death when she was a toddler, Justine's life has been silently careening out of control. The book follows Justine Dalvig, a sad, middle-aged woman who shares her large house with a pet bird.

It wasna€™t too long afterward that he married his secretary Flora who tried briefly to get Justine to warm up to her.
Readers will understand why as the story line starts off as a dysfunctional family drama but transitions into a suspense thriller.
Surroundings, after all, tend to shape peoplea€™s outlooks, aspirations, motives, and prospects. While much of the story takes place throughout the village of Hasselby Villastad near Stockholm , Sweden , and in the wilds of Kuala Lumpur , the real geographical center is Dalvika€™s ancestral home.
Daddy soon marries Flora, who makes that wicked queen with the mirror look like an amateur. Flora, the stepmother, is in a nursing home dealing with the aftereffects of a stroke that has left her partially paralyzed and unable to speak. This involves a considerable amount of revenge against the people who made her life so miserable, but rather than go the traditional slice-and-slash route, the author focuses more on what's happening inside Justine's head, the emotional toll that settling old scores takes on her.
She has endured intense bullying at school, emotional and physical cruelty at the hands of her stepmother, sexual abuse as a teenager, and betrayal by a lover in adulthood.
In this harrowing psychological study, we learn that Justine endured a horrific childhood at the hands of Flora, her sly, sadistic stepmother. The audience doesna€™t get to know Justine very well although ironically the tale is told by her.
When Justine becomes a young woman and meets a hunter in the forest, she seduces him, thereby ending any resemblance to the fairy tale.
The narrative moves smoothly in and out of Justinea€™s memories even as it tells of her current life, in which she meets a new man, renews an old friendship, visits Flora regularly, and tends the pet blackbird that lives inside the house. Francesco d'Assisi, 4 - 00040 Rocca di Papa - P.IVA 09172321003, Iscritta al REA di Roma n. It's an interesting approach--we don't exactly root for Justine, but we empathize with her--and the novel is one of those psychological thrillers that settles into a dark corner of your mind and just sits there, hanging around long after you have moved on to other things. In a story as fragmented and erratic as Justine's own past, Frimansson, one of Scandinavia 's most popular writers, weaves a tale of psychological terror that reveals what happens when a victim decides to take revenge on a world that has made her life a living hell. Now Flora is a helpless stroke victim, confined to a nursing home where Justine takes frequent visits - but not out of altruism. School proved to escape either as a clique of girls led by Berit Assarson tormented her there. Yet that feeling of detached aloofness makes her a fascinating character able to hold the tense story line together as fans will wonder whether she is a psychopathic killer or a victim.

The wiliest detective and the most elusive criminal is hea€”or shea€”who knows the home territory best, whether it be the actual streets of San Francisco or the artificial waterfront of mythic Cabot Cove. This episodic manner of advancing the story is not easy to pull off, but Frimansson does it so well that you become enmeshed before you know it.
While this novel received very favorable reviews in Europea€”and the Swedish Academy of Crime Writer's Award for Best Swedish Crime Novel in 1998a€”perhaps something has been lost in translation.
Years later Justine falls in love with Nathan, who wants to open up a travel agency for clients who want a taste of something different.
Here she keeps the large, foreboding bird that flies about at will, alarming both her willing and unwilling guests. The tension builds to such an unbearable degree thatA A  you might want to stop reading, but you cana€™t. The disjointed way in which the narrative changes from past to present makes for a difficult read. He and Justine meet Martina, a young adventuress who uses her photojournalist skills to travel the world. Although there are murders aplenty, this intriguing book is at bottom the story of a mind slowly going mada€”but in the most inventive ways. You are caught inextricably in Justinea€™s tale, which is, above all, a story of What Happens After. Like so many bullying victims, Justine becomes a bully herself, and with chilling prescience we watch her begin to plot vengeance on those who victimized her.
Beautifully translated from the original Swedish by Laura Wideburg, Good Night is a peerless exploration into the mind of a dark, lost soul. Justine explains to the police an intruder entered their room so she locked herself in the bathroom until he left.
Inger Frimansson is one of Sweden's premier psychological thriller writers, the winner of the Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors Award for her books - and it's easy to see why. Justine meets Berit who apologizes for her mistreatment of her when they were students however, she disappears with the police suspecting Justine of foul play because Nathan and Berit remain missing and Martina was murdered.

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