2011 reinell 185 ls mint boat Beautiful boat equipped with a 225 hp fuel injected v6 vovol pental inboard motor Less then 50 hours on the boat Call for details or a boat lake test for serious buyers. BRAND NEW REINELL 185LS 2013 BOAT - BOWRIDER This BRAND NEW Reinell 185LS 2013 - BOWRIDER is a great entry level boat that will deliver you the ultimate ride on the water Another fantastic Reinell boat, the Mercedes Ben of bowriders. I did a basic strip down to the bare hull even removing the floor to install a all Aluminum (won't rust through)45 gallon fuel tank in addition to the 2 13 gallon aluminum side tanks. New Ship to Shore radio & 1200' depth finder and fish finder still in boxes has been in my house since the one and only trip to Mexico in 1997. NOT shown in the photo are the fresh serviced and sealed outdrive (same one in photo)fresh carb, and 4 new redial trailer tires with 0 miles (the old ones where so bad I had to remove them and bring them into the tire store for replacement.

The boat could use some new or used back to back seats I had some lined up but are no longer available, I may be able to help line some good used ones up at buyers expense, I'm done spending money on this for the fire sale price sorry.
No Emails please and no offers if it isn't worth $2950 of the $10,000 it took to do then I can keep it another 10 years. AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN This BRAND NEW Reinell 185LS 2013 - BOWRIDER is a great entry level boat that will deliver you the ultimate ride on the waterAnother fantastic Reinell boat, the Mercedes Benz of bowriders. The motor 6 cylinder chevy inline 250 cubic inch (uses 4-5 galllons per hour at cruise speed)was completely overhauled down to the bare block and a .010 over bore with all new parts including pistons, cam, all bearings, timming gears, cylinder head etc. The marine mechanic that did all the work is still in business and did the outdrive & carb this year and can be contacted for the BUYER NOT PESTS.

It comfortably seats 6 above deck (2 captain's chairs and bench seating for 4) and 2 in the cabin.
New alternator, tilt motor, batteries, and steering cable. Runs great, starts on first turn.

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