Boat Rentals in Fort Myers BeachAre you visiting Fort Myers Beach and looking for an easy and affordable way to hit the high seas? Moss Marina can provide you with fishing pole rentals, tackle, cooler  and live bait for your fishing adventure.   We also have experienced Captains that can provide you with fishing knowledge.
Let our experienced and friendly crew teach you how to be the master and commander of your vessel. Freshen up in our air conditioned captain's lounge equipped with all the comforts of home including showers, TVs and laundry facilities.
Luxury Amenities at Fort Myers Beach Boat Marina Whether you’re on an extended boat trip through Southwest Florida or just coming in after a day of boating fun in Fort Myers Beach, Moss Marina is the perfect place to rest your sea legs and freshen up. Our air-conditioned Boater’s Lounge is an oasis for weary travelers, boasting all the comforts of home. Just minutes from open waters, Moss Marina has the most conveniently located boat gas station in Fort Myers Beach. With a complete supply of food and beverages, toiletries and other sundries, the Moss Marina ship store has everything you need to stock up and ship out for a day (or week) of boating. Moss Marina is the only boat marina in Fort Myers Beach with a live bait station in the water and ready for your to pick up.
Not only does Moss Marina have paved and reserved parking areas for boaters who rent wet slips or dry boat storage units with us, we also have designated loading and unloading zones right next to your boat. Stop by the Moss Marina boat store today for everything you need to have a successful day of boating.

There are quite a few options right on the beach (south of the Fort Myers Beach Pier a€” youa€™ll see boat rental companies along the beach). Boat Rentals in Fort Myers Beach, FL ts Fort Myers Beach has three locations on Fort Myers Beach and offers a variety of water sports equipment rentals. Find Bay Breeze South Boat Rentals in Fort Myers Beach with Address, Phone number from Yahoo! Boat rentals in Fort Myers Beach have to easily be one of the most popular activities for visitors due to the abundance of water that surrounds Estero Island. Visit our Charters & Tours page for more information on private sightseeing guides, boat captains and private charter boat fishing tours. Our luxury amenities and friendly crew create a worry-free environment for you to relax and enjoy time on and off the water. Sit back in our comfy leather arm chairs and catch a baseball game or your favorite show on our large-screen TVs.
Stop by for high-quality, ethanol free gas at competitive fuel prices and let our experienced crew get you fueled up and back on the water in not time! Whether you’re fishing on your own or choosing to go on a private charter boat fishing expedition, our live bait station will help you catch all the big (and little) fish in the sea. Stop by Moss Marina for dockside fishing and other activities like fun Fourth of July parties, summer barbecues and marina games. Getting your valuable vessel in and out of the water will be safe and easy, making your boating experience nothing but the best.

From food and beverages to toiletries to ethanol-free boat fuel and even to fishing supplies like live bait, the Moss Marina boat store is ready to serve you quickly so you can be out on the high seas without delay. Local Get Ratings Reviews on Boat Rental Charter with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more.
With an easy to access boat gas station and marine docks located just minutes from open waters on the Gulf of Mexico, renting a boat from Moss Marina will have you on the water in no time!
Freshen up with a hot shower, wash your clothes in our efficient laundry facilities or even just take a little nap before exploring the land-lovers life in Fort Myers Beach.
Just steps away from downtown Fort Myers Beach, we’re not only at the center of all the fun, we ARE the center of all the fun! With all these great boating amenities, Moss Marina is the place to be when you want to feel well taken care of and just like part of the family. With our classic “Old Florida” feel and easy-going and fun atmosphere, Moss Marina delivers memories you’ve always wanted and will remember for a lifetime. Let our friendly and professional staff take care of the details so you can enjoy life with the people you love most.

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