Pontoons from 20' to 40' are equipped with enough horsepower to cruise your friends and family around the lake for a day of fun and South Carolina sun! Paddleboats, canoes and small fishing boats are regularly used around the marina and resort area. Fishing Boat Rentals (Up to 3 people) for rent on Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake in Colorado. Fishing Boat Rentals (up to 12 people) for Rent on Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake in Colorado. Rainbow trout, brook trout, mackinaw and kokanee can be caught on Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake.
Explore the beautiful Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake in a fully equipped rental boat from Trail Ridge Marina.

For additional information you can view this item at Trail Ridge Marina - Shadow Mountain Lake or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing. The fridge is 19'' Deep, 20'' Tall, 17.5'' wide and has a 1'' edge piece around the round door for mounting. Pontoons are easy to captain, can accommodate parties up to 30 people, and are great for all ages to enjoy! Whether you want to spy wildlife, or simply enjoy the tranquility of fishing with a friend, we have a small craft in our fleet to meet your needs. Trail Ridge Marina's Colorado boat rentals offers a variety of boats including pleasure & fishing boats, pontoon boats, personal watercraft.

The lakes are filled with rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, Mackinaw (Lake Trout), and Kokanee. Large, cushy seat and reboarding platform make these jet skis awesome fun and easy to handle.

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