Einstein's boat rentals on lake Conroe & live bait- Einstein's Ship Store likes to inform boaters and interested parties that another term for boat rental in Montgomery, TX is livery. Reservation Discounts Are Applied To Reservations Made Before Day Of Rental Make certain the next boat rental in the Montgomery, TX area is a safe and fun adventure by relying on Einstein's boat rentals on lake Conroe & live bait- Einstein's Ship Store Store. In addition to the fun on the lake, why not have dinner, a drink or both next to a live concert?
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Customers stop by, talk with our experts, find a fishing rental, and take off for one, four, or eight hours of fishing.
We do our best to get people out on boats, enjoying the sun, waves, and water, while saving money at the same time.Our management has a minimum two hour boat rental requirement in place.

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