I have for sale xxxx princecraft ventura 191all aluminum deck boat with a xxxx johnson 115 horsepower power trim and tilt, it is a fish and ski model with a livewell with freshwater agitator,fish and depth finder, bait tank or on board cooler in the floor, ski locker,storage all over. Find a Timeshare by Location by Resort NameThe largest online marketplace for timeshares, with more than two million subscribers! Many travelers are unaware that renting timeshare units are far superior to hotel rooms in comfort and price, especially for families and large groups.A typical hotel gets you one room with a bed and a bathroom. Find phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and reviews for boat rental in San Diego, CA. It is important to design a sign that is attractive and informative and can be seen from as far away as possible.

If you would like for us arrange things for you, please check out your options for catering.
A tour around the beautiful harbor will show you every kind of boat from dingys to yachts to nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. If you would rather relax and enjoy the sights, then you can pass on all responsibility to us. An hour's drive will take you to see the Anzo-Borrego desert in spring bloom, or up into mountains for an autumn apple festival in Julian. Boat does about 45mph trimmed out with four people, not a rocket but runs really good for a small motor, boat only weights xxxx pounds.

Almost any vehicle can pull it, if you have wide enough mirrors cause the boat is 8 ft wide. Boat has running lamps front are led, rear is on a three feet pole that plugs in, interior lamps are also red leds.
These boats are very hard to find in california or even on the west coast because they are made in canada, they can handle some pretty serious water, this boat has never been in salt water.

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