Pontoon Boat Rentals in Destin are the best, most intimate way to explore our local waters! There is no better way to explore our beautiful Destin waters than to rent a boat for a day! Our Destin pontoon boat rentals are offered at different lengths to accommodate for your party size with varying engine sizes. Please call us at 850-428-3313 (anytime between sunrise and sunset) for pricing information, specials, and discounts. We offer Parasailing in Destin, Jet Ski, Pontoon & Fishing Boat Rentals, Wildlife & Dolphin cruises. Visit our different Dockside social media channels for the latest information and discount codes. Our pontoon boat rentals near Nashville allow everyone on board to enjoy the sun, waves and fresh air.
We offer three types of pontoon boat rentals: our Leisure Kraft pontoon boats, double-decker pontoon boat rentals, and new Tri-toon pontoon boats. In addition to pontoon boat rentals, Hidden Harbor Marina has fishing boat rentals, houseboat rentals, cabin rentals and camping sites. Visit our Facebook page even if you aren't on Facebook for the latest news about Hidden Harbor Marina.
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September, thanks to my good friends and repeat renters the Horrocks, I was able to take the pontoon boat out for a three hour tour around the lake, click on the thumbnail to the left for the photos from that trip. My favorite part, without a doubt, was our Adventures at Sea pontoon boat ride to Shell Island, a small island that is part of St. The first spot had a ton of shells and as we walked along the shoreline, there were two lines of deer tracks. The second spot was much bigger- the sand dunes speckled the horizon and before you walked across the small island, it appear as if the sand went on forever and ever.

Since we took quite a while to figure out our favorite spot to dock the boat, we didn’t have a ton of time to truly explore Shell Island. Bring tons of sunscreen (even in the winter), towels, snorkel gear, water floats and anything else you might want when you’re there.
Go to the furthest point on Shell Island that you want to visit first and make your way back towards the boat rental shop as you explore. Keep your eyes on the look-out: We saw dolphins and tons of fish while we were on the boat. I love it when you discover a little hamlet that was like under your nose for years that is sort of out of the way. A Global Positioning System (GPS) along with a Chartplotter are essential for direction and a good sailing experience.
All boats are equipped with a bimini top that can be opened for shade, an anchor, all USCG certified life jackets, room for coolers, and the cleanest seating! A pontoon boat is the perfect way to explore the lake on a lazy day or to tube or water ski behind for a high-speed, adrenaline-racing adventure! Our new 24-foot Tri-toon pontoon boat uses a 150 horsepower motor to move you and your friends at speeds of 30-35mph. The 24-foot Leisure Kraft has room for 10 people, an bimini top, and a 115 horsepower, 4-stroke engine. Varying from passenger limit to engine power, the boats each have something different to offer. There’s no better place than Center Hill Lake in Tennessee for a relaxing getaway, so contact us today at (615) 597-8800 to make your reservation. Having gone to college only 2 hours away in Tallahassee, we were actually a tad embarrassed to admit we had never explored the area.
Besides Bob, myself and the deer, there were also a lot of birds, as this area is a bird sanctuary. While exploring the island we saw several buildings that looked abandon and windblown.

I feel like this would be an incredible place during the summer, although I’m sure much more people would be there too. If you have enough people, it will probably even out to be the same as if you all paid to get into the park and then take the shuttle over and it would be much more private. The adventures are never ending when you are your own captain- your family can park on a beach and snorkel, anchor at Crab Island to swim and relax all day, cruise around the bay while Dolphin watching, take it out during our one-of-a-kind sunset or cap your Thursday night off by being right underneath the T-6 Destin Warbirds airshow followed by Fireworks (call for more information)!
Although this is our most basic type of pontoon boat, it still outshines the other boats at the lake.
Although, they do share a common feature — all styles of pontoon boat rentals guarantee a relaxing, fun day on the water for all ages. Luckily we were given another chance and our weekend on the beach was even more relaxing, adventurous and fun than I could have expected. Maybe it was that we traveled during the shoulder season or that it was a little chilly the day we went, but either way the island was empty and we felt completely isolated. A lover of dogs, fashion, fish tacos, marine biology, and college football, she has a broad range of interests. If fishing is more of what you are looking for, check out our Destin fishing boat rentals page. Whether you want to tube, ski, or just sightsee, get on board the nicest pontoon you can rent on Center Hill Lake, and prepare yourself for a luxurious day out on the waters.
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