For travelers thirsty for a high-speed aquatic adventure, look no further than the XSR 48-it is truly a supercar on water! For travelers in Miami and South Florida, New York, Chicago and LA, this is the perfect luxury speedboat rental to kick your vacation up a few notches. Come and find out what over 55,000 man-hours of British design and development have created. Onboard this exotic speedboat rental, you will find all modern amenities to more than adequately entertain and be entertained. Only 100 luxurious XSR 48 speedsters were made this year, for the bargain price of just $1.8 million each. For additional information you can view this item at Imagine Lifestyles-Miami or you can use the contact form below. Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing. These aquatic arrows are intended to pierce hearts with joy at top speeds reaching over 100 miles per hour-across the water! The 38’ Cigarette boat rental delivers the rush you are searching for, you will know it when the sea air takes your breath away. These luxury speedboats are often referred to as “go fast boats”; due to the fact that they are designed with one singular purpose-to go fast. If you can picture yourself gliding across the turquoise and blue marbled waters of the southern Atlantic at a high rate of speed, this luxury speedboat rental will catapult you into ecstasy.
Wherever there is water, there is the opportunity to indulge in a luxury yacht charter, speedboat rental, luxury sport yacht rental, or luxury fishing boat rental.
Yes, there are luxury yachts in all sizes, from the 52’ Sea Ray Sundancer to the 82’ Sunseeker Predator, and all sizes in between! With the Atlantic Ocean, and hundreds of miles of intercoastal waterways, South Florida is considered to be the “Venice” of America.

Go all the way to Marmaris Marina, go by Gigantic super luxurious yachts, go see Icmeler and the Paradise Island. When you come to our station, you can chose to add other activities like water-skiing to your speed boat booking. For the whole day hire is there an age restriction and how many seater is your biggest boat? Please select Date and Time to be able to book the tour, you can always change tour date and time later.
Hi sorry this might be a silly question, but is it essential to know how to swim to do this?? Answer by Easymarmaris: You are on Your own here, So You better know or wear a Life Jacket at all times. Among the newest and most talked-about luxury yachts in South Florida is the ‘Venetian Lady’- an impressive 130’ luxury party yacht available for charter in Miami and South Florida. This 5 million dollar luxury yacht can comfortably accommodate approximately 149 passengers dockside and is a custom Austal manufactured luxury yacht. This is among the most comfortable and lavish party and event yachts available in Miami and South Florida. This is the paramount method to hosting an illustrious event in Miami and South Florida, because how can you possibly go wrong with a luxury party yacht, culinary creations, exotic cocktails and the scenery to set the mood? Aside from the stunning good looks of this vessel, the accommodations and performance cues are outstanding. The 68’ Azimuth rides on a hull with a deadrise of 16 degrees at the transom, and tops out at approximately 39.5 miles per hour.
The 68 ft Azimuth is approximately 6,000 pounds lighter than Ferretti’s 68’ model, which tips the scales at around 86,000 pounds. If you are in search of the ideal smaller yacht for a day cruise or more, the 68’ Azimuth rental may be ideal for you and your small party.

Imagine Lifestyles Rents speed boats, Luxury Cigar Boats, and other Luxury Yacht Charters in South Beach. This makes Florida the luxury yacht charter destination of the eastern coast of the United States.
If you are a big group and need more than one speed boat we can arrange a speed-boat safari for you with one of our professional guide captains and you can have the whole day on the boat going to amazing secret bays where nobody else can go easily.
Just mention your intentions at the booking page at the "notes" section, so that we know you might want to do it. There is plenty of comfortable seating and with its great hull design you can speed and maneuver above the waves in Biscayne Bay or South Beach. Imagine Lifestyles Rents speed boats, Luxury Yacht Charters, and other Luxury Boats in South Beach. Luxury speedboats for rent are like bullets zipping across the expansive ocean, providing a thrill that is challenging to match.
Luxury speedboats for rent are like bullets zipping across the expansive Ocean, providing a thrill that is challenging to match.
Are you ready to navigate and appreciate some of the best views and destinations in the world? Because it is not a routine day-to-day activity like cycling or driving, most people are think going on a speed boat is not easy.
Water-sport activities can be a full day activity for you if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. All you need to do for now is just book 1 or 2 hour spot and if you want to change it to a more extensive day we can do it when you come to our water-sport station.

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