Starting April 20, Catered Cruises will allow boat owners to rent out their vessels to make a little extra cash. Customers will be able to book 90-minute cruises at harbors along and near Lake Michigan – 31st Street, 59th Street, Belmont, Burnham, Diversey, DuSable, Monroe, Montrose and Jackson Park Outer harbors. Cruises will have to be booked in available slots listed online and each boat will have to be insured, while captains must possess a valid license.
As for cost – a cruise will go anywhere from $350 to $650 for 6 or 10 people with special nights coming with an addition $150 fee. The cruises will be catered by Vistro in a Bag (different catering option are coming), but they will be BYOB. Lizzy’s passions have always included music, pop culture and Britney Spears… not necessarily in that order.

Chicago’s Loop includes the area known as the New East Side, which in turn includes the Lakeshore East development.
The Tides, The Shoreham and Coast have the best access to the park and Aqua and North Harbor Tower are a few steps further from it.
New East Side residents also have convenient access to the many attractions and events at Millennium Park, Grant Park and the Chicago Riverwalk. The north part of Grant Park, east of Millennium Park, is being transformed into the 28-acre Maggie Daley Park. North Harbor Tower is a short walk from the new Lake Michigan overlook adjacent to tennis courts at the east end of Maggie Daley Park.
Columbus Plaza and Coast have the easiest access to the Chicago Riverwalk, which is undergoing an expansion.

You’ll find all of your major apartment options in the Loop and New East Side on our at-a-glance list of downtown apartments.
Renters simply have so many differing priorities – and budget constraints – that singling out an overall best building would be a pointless exercise. The park, which provides mainly passive recreational opportunities, includes a variety of shaded areas, seating areas, water features, a children’s play area and a dog park with a doggie drinking fountain. There are a variety of dining and recreational opportunities along the river, and docks for seasonal tour boats and water taxis.

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