We can design, loft, and build wooden hulls, from small pulling boats and dinghies to ocean going craft. A major part of our work is fine wood-crafted interiors for all sorts of boats, from live-aboard steel trawlers to sailing yachts. Pia (left) and Freedom (right) are two classic motorsailers currently being rebuilt in our shop.
Stripped of their varnish and left wrapped in plastic, these rails were looking a little rough. Large areas of completely worn off varnish, black staining, sun-bleaching… No problem.
Classic Craft® repairing and restoring classic and antique wood boats for over 40 years. Completion of the 12-month Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in Traditional Small Craft with the addition of  courses in either Repair and Restoration or Yacht Interiors will prepare you for intermediate to advanced level employment.

Graduates of the Traditional Small Craft degree and diploma programs join teams of boatwrights at an entry level, building vessels such as offshore cruisers, motoryachts, workboats and replica craft of many types. 180 – American Maritime Heritage (4-credits) or 4 transfer general or applied general education credits  required for any 12-month program. We offer American Maritime Heritage as an evening for-credit general education course that 12-month students can attend free of charge to satisfy the general education requirements for their associate degree. 700 Kevlar ™ reinforced epoxy paste pigmented with a rust colored powder pigment for easy viewing).
Then I filled the 'hole' in, around, over, and under the wood insert mentioned above with the thickened epoxy. Next I draped plastic over the messy epoxy and smoothed it all out with my hand through the plastic.
Repair and restoration skills are sought after by boatyards and interior joinery skills apply to vessels of any size or hull material.

Small Craft graduates also find entry level employment in maritime museums, historical societies, schools, and non-profit organizations that build, maintain and operate traditional small craft. Call it 'distributor pricing for everyone' or ' half price' epoxy - whatever floats your boat! Transfer credits from other colleges can also be applied to the general education requirement, as well as classes at our local Peninsula College.

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