Upon first inspection I'd try two different sweeps, based on where I think you intended the seams to lay, but I would prefer to just edit your file myself and then if I get it to work, explain what I did.
I have got a surface by using NetworkSrf, but it still gets too round down where the propeller comes out and it makes the curve go up under the stern. Location: Southern England Think of the hull as two objects, the hull itself, plus the skeg.
Location: Italy (Garda Lake) and Croatia (Istria) I agree with Tim B, there is too little info about the hull shape to accurately reconstruct it.
Do you think I need to measure more bulkheads to be able "cheat" my way to something that will look pretty close to the original?
I have attached a file with the bulkheads, and a picture of a tug with a similar hull shape.
I have been told that the tug used to have a draft on 2m, right now its much lighter and more on the heel.
Location: australia Cph I think you need a few more sections, maybe one in the middle and around the stern (see pic). These are only quick models based on some of the available information, so it depends on how accurate you need to be and the type of information you want out, as to how you create the surfaces. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Origami Paper Boats Making the boat is a very easy task as all you have to do is fold the colored paper in a particular pattern. Make a paper boat with these amazing origami boat patterns list of origami diagrams for boats This quick and easy to build little boat is the result of the need to make an inexpensive boat for my grandson. You will find instructions and step by step origami picture diagrams here to make a simple origami boat.
Location: WNY Alibre and Rhino I looking at getting Rhino and just recently ran across Alibre. My question then is, without intimate knowledge of either software, since these software essentially interface with each other, it would appear that they have different strenghts (and weaknesses). It is also parametric, that means you create relationships between objects that can be edited at a later date.
Then go back and make the first box bigger, the second box will move itself so that it matains its 20mm spacing. If I was to limit myself to one peice of (low price) cad software it would be Rhino, without doubt. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY I am not neutral here as I am selling both Alibre and Rhino. They work great together, You can model a hull in Rhino from offsets or by lofting frames imported from other programs. These are some images of parts that I been doing just for fun to learn using Alibre, Is a good software is not Solidworks or PTC but is very similar and has most of the features, the price is ok. Location: Gold Coast Australia Hi LP - heres a couple of images of my current rowboat I'm working on. When I make dimensions in Rhino digits are very small (invisible) if i scale it (bulkhead 2,2mx1.8m) eg. Location: Ontario Unless you're using really fancy specialized tools, all the AutoCAD formats work. I use the spline option because I get a clean line instead of multiple segments like the polylines, but both ways are functional. Maciej Maciej View Public Profile View Maciej's Website View Maciej's Gallery Find all posts by Maciej « Maxsurf or Rhino for twin-keel design? Location: australia Sean I really loved your idea for making quick rough surfaces using the heightfield when you first posted it. Location: australia Sean I like the wake images should make great bumps , you mentioned Photoshop in one of the posts, I believe its one of the most important steps as you can add detail that would be impossible to model and render effectively, especially spray and foam. Location: Europe is it not possible to export the wave field that produce in hullspeed to Rhino? Location: Trondheim, NORWAY I haven't seen cross curves in RhinoMarine, but the hydrostatic report is written to an xls file, so you may add it yourself, probably into a template so it's always there.

Originally Posted by Raggi_Thor I haven't seen cross curves in RhinoMarine, but the hydrostatic report is written to an xls file, so you may add it yourself, probably into a template so it's always there. Location: Australia Run the analysis for a range of flotation planes, simply take your cross curves from the data for each heel angle for each displacement and plot a new graph accordingly. As I understand it and please correct me if I am wrong a surface with zero Gaussian Curvature is a developable surface. In the attached Rhino file I have attempted to model a hull using surfaces that are developable. The problem I am having is when I invoke the ?Unroll Developable Srf? tool within Rhino and select the bottom surface (under the waterline) I get an error stating ?Unrolling doubly curved surfaces will produce inaccurate results? but the surface is 100% green?.? Upon playing with the curvature range values and setting them to + 1e-07 - 1e-07 I start to see some concave (blue) curvature up forward but with the curvature range values set this fine I would think the amount of Gaussian Curvature is so minimal it would render it negligible? What im worried about is I intend to CNC cut all the frames and hull panels and when I come to lay them over the frames they wont fit!. Im wondering if some of you Rhino experts out there that use this software to design your hulls can have a look at my hull and let me know if it is developable give me some pointers and keep me from making a very expensive mistake? Location: PNW Sometimes through various modeling processesan edge will get split into two or more sections. Another question, have you got any clues regarding what the unit of measure is the curvature range values represent in the Curvature surface analysis tool? Location: Rockport, Maine & Rochester Hills, Michigan Something like this? Location: australia AndreDesign the rail revolve is for creating a surface from a section, around a central axis, which is not a circle but is of a circular shape. Location: La Florida Can you draw a torus that follows the rail and subtract the portion that is not part of the design?
Location: australia Hoytedow I am not sure what you mean by drawing a torus that follows a rail.
Location: La Florida Draw simple tori same circumference and cross-section as rail curve.
Originally Posted by hoytedow Draw simple tori same circumference and cross-section as rail curve. How do you "Delete eveerything outside design criterion" if you don't have other geometry to use for cutting or splitting? Location: La Florida Just draw a solid at the point where you want the torus to terminate and subtract it, like a 3d venn diagram. Originally Posted by hoytedow Just draw a solid at the point where you want the torus to terminate and subtract it, like a 3d venn diagram. Location: La Florida It was just additional info based on my limited knowledge of a-cad.
Location: New York Just wanted you guys to know this thread saved my *** yesterday when I went to design a curved stair railing to be CNC cut from wood.
2) Copy the master deck curve to the end of the sheer with the centerline end of the deck curve on the sheer.
From the images it looks like you need a bit more information before you can accurately re-build the hull shape.
By manipulation of the control points by moving and adjusting the weighting of some points to massage it into the shape you want. Based on these these few lines I wanted to build a hull that was pretty close to the original. I created a surface that shape was close to the two bulkhead shapes but the mid section is not right. Generally for hulls I prefer to manipulate the surface manually rather than get the programme to fill in the blank spaces. After some study, I decided to try and get the most The first thing you must do to make an origami dragon boat is obtain a good pattern.
The Origami hull is a hull formed by folding steel into the Here is an example of an Origami Boat pattern for a single chine hull. Origami Airplane A rectangular sheet of paper is required to make any origami pattern, so the same is Origami instructions – making an easy boat.

You can make a free form shape by lofting a few sections, but Rhino gives you much better control of the curvature. Default DWG format is what I usually use; DXF is more for compatibility with third-party stuff in the newer autocad versions. I added a twist by using the same image as a bump map on top of the water surface plus a few separate surfaces for different effects.
The first image of the original scene I added a wave and a separate surface at the crest to give a contrasting white edge.
I have used the Gaussian Curvature surface analysis tool to analyse the surfaces and make sure they are 100% green which should indicate zero Gaussian Curvature (developable). I think what you are looking for is as Dcockey has shown in his example using the sweep 1 rail if its just a piping shape the same all the way along. Here is a file of what I mean, I have also added dynamic section, waterline and buttock planes that can be slid back and forth to show the shape where you want it. You could use the line drawing you have as stating point then adjust that to get closer to what you want.
I did use surface from lines for the stern add on but I then manipulate that to get better shape. I'd like The boat was the overall winner of the Concept Boat 2006 competition in the Concept and Design category. But if you had pro or expert you could bring in a step or iges file from any other CAD program then use it as reference geometry. Second image I photo shopped some spray and foam along the edges and on the waves in the wake.
While using the Gaussian Curvature surface analysis tool I have used the ?Auto Range? button to set the curvature range values. If the range is set to + 1e-07 - 1e-07 dose that mean the surface is + 1e-07 of a millimetre away from being truly zero Gaussian Curvature? If the range is set to + 1e-07 - 1e-07 dose that mean the surface is + 1e-07 of a millimetres (or whatever the model units are set to) away from being truly zero Gaussian Curvature? You may use the sweep 2 rails if you wanted to change the way sectional shape orientated its self over the length of the finished surface. Designer Robin Benjamin has been trying to get TreeHugger's attention for some time, he says, to shine a little bit of Easy Catamaran Easy Origami Catamaran without Sailing The Easy Catamaran is a fun decorative origami design. Origami Boat – This is a fun boat paper craft project designed for older grade school kids, that when Origami boat is a light folding dinghy for sailing fun. Another thing to keep in mind is the curvature of the rail line in relationship to the section size; to large a section on sharp curve and the surface will crease back on its self. For instance depending on tolerance settings and various things iges can be very flaky with cracks. The pic and file ( I used Dcockey sectional shape to keep the example similar, hope you don?t mind D) is of the examples I gave. Keep in mind though that the centerplane deck profile will depend in part on the master deck section. This geometry comes from all sorts of CAD systems from boat builders, naval architects, engineers etc etc. I generally have to rebuild geomerty because theres a lot of sloppy CAD work out there when it comes to importing into a FE system. Its taken me a little while to sort out how to do various things but it has been surprisingly good at doing hulls (monos and multihulls). The beauty of parametric is that now I can move them back and forth to give me what I want as well as change the station shape. Then once happy I can progress to shelling the hull, adding the cabin bulkheads etc and they are all downstream parametric.

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