The abundant, rich, and untouched area is a teeming full of a diverse community of wildlife. Delaware River Jet Boat Tours is a river jet boat tour company that is located in the tri-state area, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Each jet boat participant will receive a FREE BBQ MEAL halfway during the 2-hour tour at "The Famous River Hot Dog Man," who has served over 2 million hot dogs since 1987! The Delaware River has a rich history the can be spanned before the United States came about!
Are you looking for the ultimate adventure in River Jet Boating?Vancouver, British Columbia offers incredible opportunities for outdoor adventures such as Whitewater Jet Boating, Fishing for White Sturgeon, Salmon and Fly fishing remote rivers for salmon & trout. Salmon River is popular destination for those looking to experience water activities first hand such as whitewater kayaking and canoeing. The highly anticipated annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races is going to be exciting this year. Steelhead Inn has been the go-to place of families, friends and even those who simply love the outdoors. Enjoy some YouTube video clips from previous race weekends, courtesy of our friends at Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing. On a Dart River Jet Boat Safari, you experience not only the heart-stopping excitement of jet boating through shallow waters but also the awe inspired by breathtaking scenery and the wonder of Maori history and culture—everything that makes New Zealand the special destination it is.
Latest Questions about Jet boat - Dart River SafarisWhat is the typical pickup time at Queenstown (Crown Plaza Hotel) for the 8am tour? Some of the local wildlife includes the Great American Bald Eagle, Osprey, Blue Heron, River Otter, Beavers, Deer, Black Bear, Canadian Geese, Snapping Turtles, Smallmouth Bass, American Eel, Walleye, Catfish, Carp, and many more creatures. We offer fishing trips for amatuers and professionals, romantic couples getaways, adventurous jet boat tours, as well as historic and scenic excursions. Spending some time together on a fun river boat ride with your loved ones is unique and exhiliarating!
The Delaware is known for commercial commerce and has always been a major commercial highway. Riggins, Idaho is considered as the whitewater capital because of the number of activities that you can do in the water. It has offered the perfect spot where you can enjoy the outdoors, and still be able to have your privacy.

Steelhead Inn - 12212 Hwy 95 South (Mile post 210), Lucile, Idaho 83542 - (208) 628-4279 Web Design by Strategic Mobili - Social Media Marketing.
Dart River Jet Safaris are the only company running operations on the Dart River and offer the longest and most remarkable jet boat adventure in Queenstown and its surrounds. Gasp at the sight of spectacular mountain peaks covered in snow, dramatic valleys and torrential waterfalls. There is no better way to experience New Hope, Washington's Crossing, and miles of virtually untouched scenery than with Delaware River Jet Boat Tours!
The resources that founded our great nation were transported on the Delaware River and it still contiues to this very day. The River of No Return as it is more popularly known is located in Northwestern US, in Idaho.
Organized by the Salmon River Jet Boat Committee, this year’s event is going to be conducted April 18-20, 2014. A multi-faceted adventure awaits that will take you to the head of the unparalleled Lake Wakatipu, down the inimitable Dart River and through the jaw-dropping Mount Aspiring National Park. 1 comment - View Answers or Post Commentplease could you confirm that the Dart River Safari Tour is appropriate for our 4 year old.
Use of this website constitutes acceptance of Everything Queenstowns Terms & Conditions. If booking for 1st October 2016 onwards, please contact us to check if the price will change. We also offer scenic tours of the Lillooet River, Pitt River and Harrison Hot Springs area. The river has been known to flow for 425 miles.  This place is considered home to Native Americans for the last 8,000 years.
Expect high speed boat teams from all over the country compete not only against their opponents but against the River of No Return. Bring your entire friends and family to the beautiful Steelhead Inn and enjoy the three day event like no other.
Visit this deeply historical, mystical and legendary World Heritage area on a Dart Wilderness Safari that will thrill and fascinate you. In fact, people from all over the world flock to the Salmon River just to witness and support their favorite teams.

Expect this year to be a mean and tough event that will not only be fun but also exciting to watch.
This popular vessel is designed, engineered and built specifically for the punishment that the ocean often delivers to fishing boats. The all-welded, heavy gauge aluminum construction is what sets it apart from all the fiberglass and riveted cuddy cabins on the market.
We offer all levels of tours including calm and relaxing, incredible scenery, and wild and wet.We offer Private tours, great for stags, family gatherings, birthdays and corporate team building events . Race teams across the US and Canada compete not only for the pot money but also for the bragging rights! The Sport Jet’s minimal-draft jet technology allows you to cruise on step through water as shallow as 4 inches. Whether fishing the Pacific, the Atlantic, or even the Great Lakes, the Ocean Pro is your big water boat.
Hewescraft Pacific Cruiser boats are fully featured with standard amenities for which other boat builders charge extra.
Not to mention World class sturgeon fishing and hot shore lunches make for a trip of a lifetime. For the guests’ convenience, Steelhead Inn provides a laundry room, free Wi-Fi and TV among many others.
This boat is tough enough to take the pounding of fast water rivers, maneuverable enough to manage the strong hydraulics of white water rapids, powerful enough to tow water skiers and tubers, and yet packaged in a convenient weight and size that makes towing and storing your boat a snap. If you are coming as a group, you really do not have to worry, as we have not only 9 rooms but also a community kitchen and dining room. We were informed of your activity cancellations on the 15th Jan and your refund was processed by the 17th January.
Occasionally, it can take a few days to reach your account from ours depending on the transfer time between the banks so we are sorry if this took an extra day or two. Thank you.1 comment - View Answers or Post CommentAre there any family package options for Dart River Safaris?1 comment - View Answers or Post CommentMy husband and I will be in New Zealand in March.

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