Ex-Barx David Cooney launches new proprietary-built retail forex trading platform MahiFX with focus on tight spreads. The official launch date is February 20th 2012 but on February 2nd MahiFX had the initial release party to a selected number of Forex specialists.
Currently you can’t see much details on the public MahiFX website itself, but instead compare how long it would take the insanely successful American hedge fund manager John Paulson to earn your annual salary.
The first glimpse of the MahiFX trading platform shows a clean but yet functional setup, with everything you will need while trading currencies. Specifically not having a required minimum deposit amount for trading at MahiFX shows that they want to reach out to a variety of traders, including the retail forex market. We will review the new platform from MahiFx in more detail once it is available to the public. Below you can see a couple of video clips from the MahiFX launch party in February 2012, at the top of the Gherkin skyscraper building (30 St Mary Axe, formerly the Swiss Re building).
David Cooney gives a presentation of the MahiFX business idea and a peak preview of the MahiFX forex trading platform. The MahiFX dance at the Mahi FX launch party in the top of the Gherkin, in London February 2012. One building that caught my eye was this fabulous apartment building shaped like a spaceship! Sadly my Japanese reading skills are somewhat limited, so I don’t know anything about the building. Rebecca has a passion for parties and weakness for fanciful creations, from handmade cards to three-tiered cakes.
If you need any plates, napkins, stickers or any other item to complete your theme party you will find them on this page, Toy Story 3 Party Supplies so, take a look.

Kids love to see Buzz Lightyear in other contexts like this easy to do space rocket craft project, action figures, Legos, and video games. Look out for how MahiFX compare to the existing forex platforms in our forex broker’s top list. The consequence of this is that you can find some truly original architecture that you’d struggle to find elsewhere in the world. There are a couple of commercial properties on the ground floor, but I don’t know what the rest of the building is used as. Omiya station is an interchange between several Shinkansen lines and a number of JR East lines including the regular service Keihin-Tohoku line that passes through Shinagawa, Tokyo and Akihabara JR stations.
Instead of trying to mimic those perfectly decorated bakery cakes for your child’s birthday, think outside the pan.
A cake baked in a shallow metal mixing bowl yields a 3-D hemisphere that can be decorated as a brain or planet.
The tall, narrow shape makes adorable mini layer cakes (cut each cake in four layers and frost in between), and for those little astronaut wannabes, two stacked can-cakes make the perfect rocket base. The best part: no pricey cake mold purchase required—just unadulterated imagination and a bit of wit. Bake the cans on a cookie sheet side by side at 325 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick or cake tester comes out clean. Meanwhile, place the frosting in a bowl and thoroughly stir in several drops red food coloring until desired color is achieved. Dust wafer cookie with silver dusting powder and decorate the rocket base with dragees, cookie, and fins. Meanwhile, place the frosting in a bowl and thoroughly stir in several drops purple food coloring until desired color is achieved.

Some interesting features to highlight is that the MahiFX platform is running directly in the web browser, they will not have a minimum deposit required and provides easy 1-click-to-buy trades and David Cooney ensures that there will be a minimum slippage experienced when trading with Mahi FX. Grease the inside of two unlabeled, clean 29-ounce cans (used for tomatoes, pumpkin filling etc.) with nonstick cooking spray.
Insert a 9” wooden dowel through both cakes and push through foil into foam to secure the cakes vertically.
Your kids will be able to help Buzz when they learn how to make a Buzz Lightyear Space Rocket. Close the jar tight and place a thin line of hot glue around the lip and seam of the lid so that water can’t escape. After 30 minutes of baking, continue to check the cake for doneness with a toothpick or cake tester. Cut them a little bit wide so that they can be folded and glued to the base using tacky glue.
If the jar is not secure use more hot glue inside the base to attach the rim to the edge of the base. For the nose, draw a thin line of hot glue around the top edge of the lid of the baby food jar.
Make sure that the tube is narrow enough and sturdy enough that the bottom edge of the jar rests on top of the tube without falling through.

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