LA MER - New Timber Rowing Boat (Melbourne, Victoria)Brand new clinker-style rowing skiff complete with kauri oars.
AURIEL - 26-foot Huon Pine Cruising Yacht (NSW Australia)Believed to have been built in the 1930s in Tasmania, AURIEL is a stylish huon pine sailing vessel set up for cruising. Handmade wooden boat, great condition, full owners history, historical and unique with 4hp British Seagull outboard and brand new trailer. Gumnut formerly known as Nancy until the 70's Approx age of Gumnut is early 1900's Two major refits, 1st on March 2004 $30000 2nd on Oct 2005 $30000 New Yanmar engine fitted 2007 Total spent on restoration $80000.
Atarangi was designed by Bert Woollacott, many of whose designs have gone into New Zealand yachting history, and built in 1960 by the well-respected Auckland boat builder, John Gladden.
Uses Bateau's leg of mutton sail for easy stability, also a small electric outboard (new) included. The list of choices goes on and on, even as the remnants of the wooden boat population die off.
As Greg Rossel points out in his book "Building Small Boats", the ecosystem that boats live in is extremely diverse. If you made your living digging oysters in Long Island Sound, you needed a stable, shallow draft boat that was fast enough to get your catch back to market before your competitors.
But if you ferried people and goods on and off the ships coming into New York Harbor, speed was your main requirement, since the first ferryman to the ship earned the most money. And although the evolution of fiberglass and mass marketing triggered a rapid mass-extinction in the wooden boat population, replacing them with homogeneous plastic boats, the classic designs still exist, ready to be brought back to life, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. All these considerations got me looking at the designs of William and John Atkin, the designers who launched the long-range crusing life style with Eric, that later evolved into the famous Westsail 32. Cabin Boy's lapstrake sides and cross-planked bottom would let me practice both the traditional planking systems, and his spritsail gave him a jaunty look that I really liked.
SOLD - BULOLO - 20-foot Timber Day Sailer (Sydney)Built in 1954 by Arthur Rigby, Bulolo is a solidly built sailing boat in excellent condition. Classic, carvel, gaff rigged, double ended net boat built in Williamstown by Jack Savage for net fishing in Hobsons Bay.
Rebuilt to survey (not in survey,Estella Grace started life as a Victorian Cray boat in 1964. Here is where I get my first surprise: unlike the mass-marketed fiberglass sailboats that I'm used to, which all tend to look alike, wooden boats were apparently built in a bewildering variety. Charles Darwin could have saved himself a lot of trouble with religious folk if he had studied the evolution of wooden boats, rather than life.
The flat-bottomed Sharpie evolved to meet the needs of fishermen who worked in this unique environment.
The round-bottom Whitehall rowboat was fast, tracked well, and could handle the harbor chop.

The Atkins (father and son) worked at the end of the wooden boat age, and thus could draw on the entire history of sea worthy work boats for their inspiration. The design makes an interesting project for the amateur builder as the construction method is not difficult. Gulf of Maine Reach Boat, Traditional Row and Sail, Mahogany Woodwork Whitehall The Reach Boat is a traditional inshore boat originally used for fishing the waters of the Gulf of Maine. Winner of Best Boat, Narooma Wooden Boat Festival 2011, no expense spared in this the last construction of an experienced craftsman boat builder for his own use. Fully restored 1961 Cris Craft Constellation is a little bit of Hollywood here in Australia, cruise in style just like the movie stars of yesteryear.
Every creek and bay from the cold, rocky coast of Maine, to the warm blue waters of Key West is different from every other. Two reasons: the longer it is, the harder it will be to build and the more time and materials I'll waste if I fail.
A flat bottom is much easier to build than a round bottom (every boat-building book I own says this, so it must be true!).
My main purpose in building this boat is to learn how traditional wooden boats were built, so that I can repair them if necessary.
Their designs have a serious looking 'chunkiness' to them that make their smallest dingy design look like it could sail around the world.
I've just figure out how to do this, so if you'd like to be notified, please click on the link below. The sides can be planked in either lapstrake (Plank Overlap) or carvel ( planks butted along their edges) systems. Beautiful Rare OLD TOWN Vintage 12 ft Wood Row Boat Mahogany+ Trailer + 2 Motors THIS AUCTION IS FOR A RARE VINTAGE 12 FT OLD TOWN RUNABOUT ROW BOAT, TRAILER, AND 2 EVENRUDE OUTBOARD MOTOR, ORIGINAL BUILD SHEET FROM THE OLD TOWN FACTORY IN MAINE FROM 1951.
April is an absolutely beautiful Ken Lacco designed, 26a€™6a€? Couta boat built by Brett Almond in 1992. Plus, I hope this boat will eventually become the tender for a larger boat, and so will need to be short enough to fit on a cabin top. I want to finish this boat in one winter, not end up with a half-built fiasco that my kids will tease me about till the day I die, so relative simplicity is important. Beautiful Rare OLD TOWN Vintage 12 ft' Wood Row Boat Mahogany Trailer 2 Motors THIS AUCTION IS FOR A RARE VINTAGE 12 FT OLD TOWN RUNABOUT ROW BOAT, TRAILER, AND 2 EVENRUDE OUTBOARD MOTOR, ORIGINAL BUILD SHEET FROM THE OLD TOWN FACTORY IN MAINE FROM 1951. Having bought a larger boat and a wish to save a relationship, I reluctantly offer "Paula E " for sale.As a young boy, I saw her being built by Alec Lacco at Rosebud in 1955, never thinking that over 30 years later she would be mine. So the designs that survived long enough for their lines to be taken down by Howard Chapelle and other boat historians were the best of the best. The Dory 14 is a row boat, but the plans show an alternative transom for an outboard up to 5 hp.

Vintage Rare OLD TOWN Runabout 12 ft' Wood Row Boat Mahogany Trailer Motor Oars THIS AUCTION IS FOR A RARE VINTAGE 12 FT OLD TOWN RUNABOUT ROW BOAT, TRAILER, EVENRUDE OUTBOARD MOTOR, ORIGINAL OARS AND RARE ORIGINAL BRASS OAR LOCKS AND ORIGINAL BUILD SHEET FROM THE OLD TOWN FACTORY IN MAINE FROM 1951. Topsy is a classic 26 foot wooden Couta fishing boat designed and built about 1925 by Lacco.
Beautiful Vinatge 14' Shell Lake Boat Company MN Wood Row Boat W Oars Preservers Hi there. Purpose built in 2007 of composite construction for live on holidays and water sports and sleeps 4. This entry was posted in A colourful life, A country life, A luscious life, Luscious travel, Social butterfly, Vintage lusciousness and tagged a beachy life, bays, fishing, happiness, harbour, lakes, outdoor living, row boats, rowing, sailing, seaside, vintage, water, wooden boats. She was designed by Jack Pompei from Mordialloc in Melbourne and built as a fishing boat to work the Bass Strait area out of Robe in South Australia. A classic Saxon class timber yacht from the drawing board of Alan Buchanan and 11th of 25 built by R.J. Gumnut carvings on the front of vessel are carved by woodcutter Roy Davies a famous wood carver. 12 feet (3.7m) sail boat, Shimmy design from Scruffy Marine built to a professional standard. Extensively re built and re engined with a Yanmar QM15 at the Wooden Boat Shop in 1990, she is in great condition having just been re painted and ready for the season. Christina is a traditional 24 foot Couta Boat by Cayzers of Queenscliffe,1960 in fantastic condition. 18f tandem tip trailer, boat and trailer have been stored undercover whilst under our ownership purchased in 1998 and only has had one owner.
She has lovingly cared for, improved and maintained the yacht throughout this time, re-designing the interior, designing and adding a dodger, bimini and flexible solar panels, as well as changing the deck layout to bring everything back to the cockpit for ease of short-handed sailing.
She was built (though not completely fitted out) in Sydney over a 7 years period before being launched in 1989 and taken to Bellingen where she was stored in a purpose built shed for 6 years.
One look at this pretty boat is all that is needed to see that she has been beautifully maintained. Throughout this process she has placed a strong emphasis on her passion for quality timber finishes.If you are looking for a yacht of this style, in this price range, you will simply not find a better one anywhere. According to the timber yard Strahan Tasmania most of the planks are 30a€™ feet long and some are 2000 years old. This is a reluctant sale of a much loved boat however the family is ready to cruise further afield so a bigger boat is needed.

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